Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Page!! Hurray!!


  1. This is my first page! I have been with a great desire to start a blog for a long time but only now I have got the courage to finally go ahead and do it! I plan on writing about the everyday lives of women in the midwest and particularly about the ladies I meet everyday. I am new in th is town so I am wondering what surprises this place will bring to me. Let's hope I make good friendships here and will keep you posted. There will be posts about me and my family and some good recipes too! This is a very small town and I enjoy the peace and quietness of this place. Here you can look at the sky at night and see the stars so clearly and that was almost impossible in a big city. Hope to post soon and let you know what is going on!

  2. Hi Angela !
    I didn't know you had a blog & I can see it is quite recent so, WELCOME in the blog community !
    We have some visiting this coming week and after that I'm off for a little trip to Paris, but after that I'll be sure to be in more regular touch & catch up with your news xx

  3. What a gorgeous picture for your first post. Glad you've stayed with blogging.