Thursday, September 8, 2011

Northern Hills? Why this name?

If you wonder why the name Northern Hills I can tell you it was one hard task to find a name for this blog. Every name I wanted was already taken so I thought since I live not too far from the Black Hills and that is in the North of this country so Northern Hills sounded fine. I did a search and low and behold that name wasn't taken....Halleluahhhh!! We just passed by the Black Hills a few days ago so I took this photo from the car. Yes it is a bad photo since it was taken from a moving car but it gives you an idea what the Black Hills looks like for those who has not seen it yet.
I have lots of things to do this week one of them is re-state my nursing licence. Search for prices and such and in general plan our daughter's wedding. The temps has been great here, the tomatoes are terrible this year, last year was the blight and this year there is no blight and no tomatoes either!
I prepare to gather the herbs I have in the garden and dry them soon! How are your days coming along in this end of Summer?

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