Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weddings are lovely! We just had another wedding in our town. A couple from our chuch got married and my husband officiated the wedding. This couple of young handsome and adorable people were such stars in the wedding. They have civic center here in town and lots of accomodations so if you want to do your wedding in our town here it's and idea! Havia outro casamemto na cidade e meu esposo foi o pastor pra esse casamento. Tudo estava muito lindo e bem preparado. Esse casalzinho ai eram as estrelas desse casamento, roubou a atencao da noiva e do noivo. Lindos!
A noiva e o Noivo.
The decorations were all done by the brides family and friends. It all looked so pretty. The light at center of ceiling was added by a friend of the bride. I just post so you can see a bit of what goes on in a small town. Here it goes in Portuguese:  As decoracoes foram todas feitas pela familia da noiva. Essas fotos sao pra voce ver as coisas que se passam por aqui em uma cidade pequena.

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