Thursday, October 6, 2011

Angela ~~'s photostream

Lake in the beginning of Fall!
Evening at the lakeLakeCarnaval ZinniaA busy bee!
LantanaStarBlue Bacherlor's Button.From Montana with love!Zinnia in the sunMontana -Miles City
Bran MuffinsClose to a flowerMixed-Berry Cornmeal CobblerYellow Butterfly~Nature in MontanaMontanaMissouri River.
A gift from my friend Cathy!DamselfliesWild flowers of South Dakotagrass from cathyFlower of the "Touch-Me-Not" plant.Wild flowers of South Dakota


  1. Hello!
    Nice to see you visiting my blog. I hope you like it enough to follow it as well.

    Are you Angela (I could not recognize the photo), or are you a friend?

    I love Angela's photos. They are great.

  2. Gigi,
    This is Angela from flickr!! Thank you. Eu min adicionei aos seus dois blogs, o "Casa de Retalhos" e o "Flower Bed." Fiquei confusa porque mostra como seu blog mais dentro tem outros nomes ! Ambos blogs sao bonitos!
    Um abraco,

  3. wow, these are so pretty! what lens do you use for the macro/close-up photos?

  4. No fancy camera just a regular P@S -Nikon Coolpix. Thank you!!

  5. Angela, o que aconteceu com suas fotos no flickr?!?!?!