Friday, October 21, 2011


I was at the World Market and got some international food. Panettone is always used in Brazil for Christmas. I saw one made in Italy and got it right away feeling lucky since last year we didn't have a panettone since I couldn't find one anywhere. Hope it won't be too old by Christmas time. Blood orage soda is also from Italy. Got some grains including black beans. I don't have all of them in photos but here are some I got at Hy-Vee, Quinoa and brown flax seed. I got a huge amount of seeds and dry fruits like dried cranberries and cherries. The Gouda cheese is from the US.In the subject of food, I recommend you take a look at Francesca's blog (She's in Italy.)


  1. thanks for the link Angela! panettone seems to keep forever, and even in our stores is already for sale (TWO months ahead!).

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  3. Yummy. I love food. The Commissary (military grocery store) has a ton of great German food, like special cakes and cookies and things I grew up with. It is so difficult for me not to buy all of it!