Thursday, October 6, 2011

A great morning

After a brisk walk a thought came to mind, why not some old fashioned French toast? We eat whole eat bread most of the time but this time Alex had some white bread in fridge as a leftover from one of his cooking projects so I just used that. There is no need to make it too fancy, just milk, the eggs and just a tiny touch of nutmeg. We finally got some milk that is free of hormones and all those impurities but the problem is to make that make skim milk since it cames directly from the farm and thus with the cream. I did make homemade butter though. Now after all that I looked into the closet and see that I need to re-organize it. I must say that's not my favorite part of housekeeping...any ideas on how to neatly fold those horrifying sheets that are not flat?  I ask myself that question. It's a mess in there now but I have to get going on that project.  Have a great and awesome day!!

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