Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last tomatoes and raw milk

 We have the last tomatoes of the garden inside the house and it's fascinating seeing how the get ripe even if just indoors. We were letting the pan outside with the tomatoes to get some sun during the day but in the last 3 days it has been raining. Despite being indoors it ripens nicely. I have got 4 jars of canned tomatoes and there are some more tomatoes to process.  These tomatoes in jars can be added to the regular pasta sauce to increase volume, it also can be used when I prepare chicken or beef, soups etc etc. I have finally found someone who sells raw milk and I manged to get some from her. Despite being more expensive than the ones bought at the store I think it's worth the try.  I know it's full of fat so I am boiling and let the cream settle on top and then remove it. The flavor for those who are not used to it can be unpleasant because it's very strong since it has the natural fat in it. The reason I am trying it's to see if my tolerance to milk will improve and also all these nasal/ sinus allergy. I read a few things from the people who advocate the natural milk. I have made homemade yogurt and sour cream out of it. My son says he can not get used to it so he will stay with his skim milk which is fine if it's what he wants to do. I love it since it was with milk like this that I grew up with. I know it's a very different taste for one to get used to right away.  I have been wondering what's the best method to use to separate the milk from the fat, I have an impression my method leaves too much fat in the milk. I would prefer to make this milk a skim milk. I shall search around. If you know how let me know pleeease!!


  1. haha, i can't believe you boil away the fat in your raw milk! we love the fat. =) we just don't drink it all the time. now i can't get raw milk where i live, but my dad up in nebraska gets it easily.

  2. I have high cholesterol and don't want to use medicine yet so I promised my doctor to try exercise and diet. Well the diet pretty much requires that I eat plants and things that cames from plants and very little of animal sources! :( Sad, because I love all those things I can't have.

  3. Que delícia Angela, tomar leite natural, da vaca. Meu tinha uma fazenda, e todos os dias recebiamos leite vindo da fazenda. Amo leite, e ainda hoje sinto não ter mais esse leite natural e gordo pra tomar :)