Friday, October 14, 2011

This is a "mini cherry plant" and it's not edible. It's for decorative purpose only.
These were taken a bit over a week ago around the same place I was taking a walk last evening.
I find this house interesting. This house sits between these huge pine trees and looks like something found not far from the sea perhaps.

Taking a walk around town! The temperatures has getting down lately but I love this time of the year as much as Spring. I have been feeling the result of my decision to make and live here in the small town with husband. I used to live 3 and half hours away and drive here in the weekends. I miss a lot of what I had there. Live has it's turns doesn't?


  1. Lindas fotos, como sempre. Que fruta é essa da primeira foto?

    No final de semana passada plantamos 2 macieiras aqui em casa. São nossas 1as árvores frutíferas.

    A vida dá volta mesmo Angela, por isso eu tenho viver da melhor maneira possível hoje, pois não sei o dia de amanhã. Espero q seja melhor, mas pode vir a ser pior, portanto vivo intensamente agora.

    ps.: o meu próximo sorteio será aberta "ao mundo todo" rsrsrs. Esse é só para o Brasil, pq as artistas não quiseram entregar no exterior.

    Brady e eu (se o tempo permitir) vamos apanhar maças em uma fazenda, e depois bake an apple pie :)
    Do you have a good receipe? We have never baked an apple pie.

    Um lindo final de semana pra você.

  2. Oh, what a lovely little house and beautiful trees. I grew up in a little town in the mountains in Switzerland where it was green and beautiful and now we live in Texas where it is too hot and yellow. Haha, we always want what we cannot have. But I try to be content wherever God has put us. =)

  3. Gigi - this site has a very good pie recipe: I am pretty good in making pumpkin pie and rarely make apple pie. I like apple also. Lindo final de semana pra voce tambem e espero que a torta saiu bem!

    Elisa _ This town is very tiny. It has it's charm though. It's os true we tend to want what we don't have. We worked in Zimbabwe with a swiss nurse. She has been retired for a few years now and she left Africa and went back to Switzerland.

  4. Now I am looking for the info that shows how I can fix my typo on my previous comment. Oh dear this is time consuming isn't?
    :) Sorry for the occasional typos.

  5. don't worry about the typos! I always cringe when I noticed them too late, but they happen to everyone. About the small town vs city, there are probably times in life when one is much better suited to us than the other.