Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The son of husband's niece. He was so cute, he loved the telefones and even got the tv remote by his ears thinking it was a phone.
My son and his cousins playing table games. This was at their grandma's house.


  1. What this at Christmas time? I remember many Christmas days spent playing with my cousins. Unfortunately, we live far from any family, and we usually spend Christmas on our own - I'm sorry my kids don't have cousins nearby to play with, not even on Christmas day!

  2. Yes they always play together at Christmas time. The group is much bigger but now two are not here because they had to go back to work and one had not yet arrived. The girl in dark shirt is married and has two children, the boy in photo above is her son. My daughter isn't in that photo either since she couldn't came for Christmas. It's good for them to have cousins to play. Perhaps someday your kids can play more with cousins. The area where you live is gorgeous.