Sunday, March 18, 2012

This farm and barn doesn't belong to the Century farm but it looked pretty and it's right on the side of the lane going to Century farm. It does belongs to a lady who lives in Des Moines - Iowa and she does some grand barn dances once a year. The barn has a deck from that white door above.

Some more photos of the Century Farm. The photo above is where she has the rooms for lodge. The building where you eat is right in front of this one.


  1. It is beautiful. Is it in Des Moines area?? If it is, I can go to it!

  2. It's located a few miles from Gregory, South Dakota. You can always give Sally a call and she could informe a bit more or write her an e-mail. . Sally is the first one to the right in that photo where all the ladies are together. A good place for a group from church to go for a retreat or just a family for fun.

  3. That is cool. Not too far for a little road trip.=) Thanks for getting back to me.