Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ohhh Spring!! Our temperatures here has been too hot and no rain. It has sprinkled a couple of days and nothing else. The farmers are upset. Everyone is amazed on how dry it is. Our lawns are looking terrible. We have automatic sprinklers but they still looks bad. There are dry spots where the sprinkler system doesn´t reach.
We are planning our daughter´s wedding. What a busy time! Andamos ocupados com os planos do casamento da filha. Estamos super ocupados!! Aqui ta triste porque nao ha chovido desde Maio. Os fazsendeiros estao triste. Nossa grama ta horrible apesar de ter um sitema de aguar automatico tem lugares que estar seco demais.
I photo from "Mama Mia"...thinking wedding!

Son Alex has been with us since graduating from college and he´s now taking education classes in order to teach eventually. He can take most of his classes online. It´s better for us finacially since we don´t have to pay for a place for him to live in another town. He loves gardening and has grown lots of pepper. I never thought that pepper could have been grown here since we are so up North. He did a good job.
Alex esta vivendo conosco e esta estudando pra ser professor. As classes dele sao a maioria atraves do computador. E bem mais barato pra nos porque nao precisamos pagar um lugar pra ele ficar enquanto estuda. Ele gosta de jardinagem e plantou varios tipos de pimenta e estao bem. Pensei que pimenta nao crescia aqui porque estamos muito ao Norte mais cresceu bem.

They have now a little boat that fits 4 and there has been some fishing done!
Eles compraram um barquinho que pode ir com 4 pessoas e pescaram alguns peixes.

Daughter looking at the boat. She did go with the guys, this brave girl!
Brother in law got some fish.

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  1. Angela, I hope the wedding plans are going well, no need to apologise for late visits to my posts, I am touched that you found time to do so at all.