Sunday, October 21, 2012

Autumn lights and food

The photo above was taken today. I like how the sun cames in through these windows giving us these lovely Autumn lights. I made a simple Sunday dinner. I had while wheat pasta with alfredo sauce. I add some extra cheddar cheese to the sauce. I also had some chicken breasts with herbes de provence., fresh pineapple cut up and lettuce/tomate/white onion for salad. 
Around our house we are happy to see colder temps and the lovely changes in nature in general.
Our son has been helping in the kitchen since he loves to cook and I am glad to have him make something for us to eat. He made qibbe. I liked the pine nuts inside.


  1. What a beautiful photograph and table setting you have.

    1. Thank you Elisa! everything very simple. It was just us for dinner after church. You can see I still have my lap top on the side of the table because I carry it around from room to room :)

  2. Beautiful photo Angela, indeed beautiful.

    It's good to have some help at the kitchen, and the kibe looks so delicious. I love kibe.