Saturday, October 27, 2012

 Above you see our first snow and we love it! We need lots of moisture to recuperate from the horrable drought. Wishing for lots of more snow!
Below are some photos of this great farm we visited. Our friends who live here have 25 cats in this red barn. I saw a cute white one that I wanted to bring home however one more cat in this house would be a real no no! The sand all around there was so fine like the sand you see in the beach by the ocean. The history behind this place is pretty phenomenal. They head their house with a wood stove and it was so toasty and warm. In the afternoon they have a rafter of wild turkeys that came by the fence which is only about 4 to 5 feet from their big kitchen window. I tried to take a photo however they are wild animals and as soon as they hear the slight noise they run away.

 This place was fascinating with the creek to the left and so many trees that it looked like a small forest.

 These photos below is the house and vineyards of their daughter and family. They actually live in Chicago now a days but still keep the house at this place. I remember getting a few bottles of wine from Pete's Creek winery.


  1. Oh wow, what a beautiful vineyard. My Uncle in Germany has one..that we visited when I was little.

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  2. That is owesome that you also have family in Germany. I loved our visit to Germany years ago. Vineyards are something that is so nice to see.

  3. It seems so early to be welcoming snow, even after the summer droughts!