Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving - It was a great Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for. We are all healthy and most of us made to the family get together.  We went to my mom in law's house. She is elderly but she loves to cook. She made the turkey, gravy and wonderful mashed potatoes for us. Me and a couple of other sister in law's made the rest of the food. She had her book of devotions in the center of the table to read to us. Cousins and one friend decided to play a bit outdoors even if the temperatures were frigid.
There is plenty of room for a game to the left of grandma's house. The friend thought he had to get a shot to brag a bit in facebook.

Different types of casseroles, salads and the yummy turkey. Eat, drink and be merry was the thing to do! We had punch, my mom in law doesn't like alcohol in her house.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Annual Christmas Fair!
Many vendors sold their merchandise on Sunday the 11th. They had homemade breads and rolls, homemade jams and pickles, customs jewely, baby blankets,etc. One booth had lots of things made of wood. I got a few things from a girl whose grandma's lives here in town and this girl actually lives in Thailand and brings lots of stuff every year to sell at this fair. All things made by women in Thailand. This helps women which is something I would endorse. Her company is Sapahn. Take a look at Handmade items are great.
Uma feirinha annual do Natal aqui na nossa cidade. Eles tinhas  pães , roscas, geleias caseiras, pickles, bijouterias, roupas e coisas pra bebes e muitas outros artesanatos. Comprei algumas coisas de uma jovem que vive em Tailandia, a  avó dela vive aqui na cidade. As coisas sao lindas e feitas pelas mulheres da Tailandia. A companhia e Sapahn, de uma olhada na internet.

These dish towels are going for four sisters in laws, mom-in-law, one for daughter and one blue one for myself! :) They are actually sack towels that she attached a panel  in front for color and fun. I also got this cute baby cloth with yellow crochet trim and a burping cloth for our niece who is having a baby next January.
Essas toalhas de prato tem uns apliques bem bonitos, alguns com o tema de cafe outros com bonecos de neve como pode ver. Havia varios temas. Comprei um paninho com bico de crochet e outro paninho pra ombro pra o bebe da sobrinha Ruth que vai nascer nesse Janeiro.
 A close up:
These items were from Sapah. You may check   .  This bag is vintage, with very colorful embroidery and letter handles and cames with 4 antigue Burmese coins adorning it. A bolsa abaixo e feita de material antigo. E um bordado em alto relevo,  alsa de coro e decorada com conchinhas e moedas antigas de Birmânia.
Glass beads jewelry that cames in tiny woven straw containers as you can see below. Contas de vidro e o que usam pra essas bolseiras que vem em caixinhas de palha como pode ver abaixo.
 This is a close up of a small bag, these tiny pleaded work used to be all done by hand but now a days they are done by sewing machine. It's so tiny that I couldn't imagine my eyes ever working on something like this. Essa bolsinha e feita de pano com todas essas preguinhas minunciosas. Sao bem pequenas e não posso imaginar meus olhos fazendo algo assim.
 In another booth I got a Catholic medallion. No I am no longer Catholic but I enjoy these medallions. Hoping this has been a good week for you so far and wish for a great weekend ahead. Tambem comprei umas dessas medalhas Catolicas. Ja não sou Catolica mas apprecio essas medalhas. Desejo uma boa semana a todos voces!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Preparing for Christmas -  Making something cute to give away at Christmas time. I have seen these before but have never really made these but decided to make them this year. We usually go to my mother-in-law's house for Christmas. My husband has lots of simblings and thus many nieces and nephews and now those kids are married and have kids of their own. I live 5.3 hrs away and thus it's a problem taking all the food I need to take with us. My mom in law is getting older and I think that next year we will no longer meet at her house but we shall take turns between us and my husband's brothers and sister. It will be different since Holidays have always been at her house either Thanksgiving or Christmas or even for the 4th of July. It's tradition for us all but now it will be broken. So many great memories of our kids and their cousins playing excitingly around the house. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be at her house this year. Nothing stays the same forever. Life brings changes. How does your family celebrates Christmas or other holidays? Where do you go?