Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas - 2012

Christmas got here really fast. I have been busy , making cookies, buying gifts and wrapping. I will also need to plan for the food we are having for our celebration and also for what we are taking to my mom-in-law's house. We will celebrate by ourselves on the 25th and be ready to travel the next day to my mom-in-law's house.  Celebrating with husband side of the family is so much fun. The family has been getting so big now that the nieces and nephew have children of their own. I wish you a wonderful Holiday time and may this Christmas reminds us all that this was created to celebrate Christ's birthday. May you all have a wonderful Christmas! Happy Holidays!
O tempo de Natal chegou rapido. Andava bem ocupada fazendo biscoitos, comprando presentes e preparando presentes. Tambem necessito ainda pensar no que devo fazer pra nossa ceia Natalina e o que vou levar pra casa da minha sogra. Aqui celebraremos no dia 25 e depois no dia 26 vamos viajar pra casa da sogra. La o groupo sera bem maior porque a familia e grande agora que as sobrinhas tem filhos. Esse e o  tempo que devemos lembrar que a razao que existe Natal e pra celebrar os nascimento de Jesus! Desejo a cada um(a) de voces um Feliz Natal!! Boas festas!

 Coconut pudding! One of my favorite desserts. Fiz pudim de coco porque e meu favorito nesse tempo!

Biscoitos na foto acima , alguns pra nos e outros foram pra doar na igreja. Fiz 6 duzias. 
 Making cookies and more cookies, some were given to church and they give to shut ins and others in the community. I made 6 dozens I had some in cute bags and gave to people who rendered services to us in the community.

 I made some crochet bags and have a wine bottle inside or Cider and have those for a few friends! Hope they will like it. It is very easy to make. Fiz bolsas de crochet e coloquei uma garrafa vinho dentro pra algumas amigas.
Homemade cookie mixture for the family. Fiz mistura pra fazer biscoitos pra dar pras cunhadas.
 A corner in a small table here in our house. Gathered some fresh pine when we went out in a nature walk.
Made a few pans of scones for us and to take along. I also plan o making some biscotti. Um papai Noel num canto de uma mesinha aqui em casa. Foto abaixo, fiz scones pra nos e pra levar pra casa da sogra e tambem vou fazer biscotti amanha.

 This is around our town. I love to see the trees looking like candy.
 O inverno realmente estava assim alguns dias atras e hoje esta tudo assim branquinho outra vez. Tambem esta muito frio.

This can be seen from our living room window. To me this photo says " Merry Christmas"and with it I want to wish you Merry Christmas!
Essa foto pra min diz "Feliz Natal" e com essa foto quero desejar a todos um Feliz Natal!!!


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    1. Oh, I accidently removed your comment!! I was removing another comment that was spam and accidently removed yours...darn!

  2. Hello Angela! Anthea Vander of Petite Dynamite here. I just want to say that it is so great to meet, or rather, converse via comment with someone from this side of the world (that doesn't have an underlying (deep dark) fear that lions roam our streets)! I adore comments from people in Africa, or at least previous occupants like yourself. Thank you for the comment and a Merry Christmas to you too.

    P.S I have not had a comment in a bit, so you have subsequently made my night :)

    1. You have a fun blog. It makes me miss Africa. Someday I shall go back for a visit. I had fun looking though your blog!

  3. From the looks of it, it looks like you had a very yummy Christmas! Merry Christmas!

    1. We have travelled and today starts the celebrations with husband's family! Thank you for your visit and comment!

  4. Hi there Angela, thank you for your comment on my blog. I have shared a link to yours for a friend here who is of Portuguese descent, she will enjoy your recipes. I'll just have a ton of that snow sent over here please ;) lol
    Stay warm!