Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A give-away

It's a give-away!!  Um sorteio!!

It is about time to have a give-away. I  know...I don't have a big enough number of followers yet but it is something fun to do. I have a brand new CD from my husband's nieces who lives in Nashville. I really enjoy their voices.
Their band is called "Chasing Lovely" and they are Taylor and Chloe.
Here some facts about this CD that Taylor wrote for me in a piece of paper:

"On Our debut "Breathless LP" We got to work with Martina McBrides band, who consisted of :
-Greg Foresman ( on guitar + Mandolin)
-Greg Herrington ( on the drums)
-Glenn Snow (on the bass)
We also got to work with Bruce Bouton, who has played with Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift. Bruce played pedal steel on our CD.

Lloyd Maines also played pedal steel on our CD. He has played on and produced for the Dixie Chicks (His daughter is Natalie Maines.)

Jenee Fleenor played fiddle on our CD. She is currently touring with Blake Shelton.

Dan Bacigalupi mastered our CD at Georgetown Masters.

We recorded our CD at Marathon Recorders and Blackbird Studios.

Russell Wolff produced our CD. 

David Kasyanyuk shot the album photography for our CD."

their site :
their channel on youtube:
their facebook page:!/chasinglovely?fref=ts

What to do to win this CD:
Just leave a comment and I will draw your name and contact you. Please leave me the best way to contact you if possible. If you like country music you will enjoy this lovely band.

Essas são as sobrinhas de meu esposo e elas tem um novo CD.
Vou fazer um sorteio com um CD delas. Deixe seu comento e como posso contactat voce em caso voce ganhe o CD. E musica tipo country.
Taylor escreveu esses dados sobre esse CDÇ
"No debute desse Brethless EP nos trabalhamos com com a banda de Martina McBride que consiste de :

-Greg Foresman (na guitarra e mandolin)
-Greg Herrington ( nos tambores)
Glenn Snow ( no bass)

Nesse CD trabalhamos com Bruce Boulton que toca com Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks e Taylor Swift. Bruce tocou pedal steel no nosso CD.

Lloyd Maines tambem tocou pedal steel no nosso CD. Ele tocou e tambem produziu para a banda Dixie Chicks. (A filha dele e Natalie Maines.)

Jenee Fleenor tocou of violino no nosso CD. Ela esta currentemente fazendo um tour com Blake Shelton.

Dan Bacigalupi fez a maestria de nosso CD in Georgetown Masters.

Russell Wolff produziu nosso CD.

David Kasyanyuk foi responsavel pela photografia do album pra nosso CD."
Pra concorrer simplesmente deixe um comento e deixe informação de como posso min comunicar com voce em caso voce ganhe. 
Boa sorte nesse ano novo!! Abraços!


  1. Que legal Angela, será que um dia elas vão ficar famosas? Tomara. Sucesso pra elas.

    Gostaria de participar do sorteio sim. É sorteio só para a América? Se não for eu posso anunciar no meu face, se você quiser.

    1. Yes you can put it on your facebook. My desire is to help the girls to became well known. They work hard and they have good voices. In this CD they have an incredible group of professionals that are already well known for their work. Muito obrigada Regina!

  2. Thanks, Angela! I would love to win the CD. I will tell my facebook friends too.

  3. Great giveaway! I love coming across new music/musicians.

  4. Can one judge a CD by its cover? :) I love the art!

  5. Saw this on Facebook and LOVE the cover art!

  6. What a lovely cover! Thanks for stopping by! It is always great to hear from you!

  7. Obrigada pela visita ao meu Jardim d'abrolhos. Desejo um ano cheio de coisas boas para a Angela e família. Escreve em português. É portuguesa ou brasileira?

    1. Sou Brasileira. Esta em Portugues ao final do poste. Geralmente incluo uma tradução em Portugues. Muito obrigada pela visita!

  8. If you want to check out Chasing Lovely's music you can get a FREE download of one of their songs at: