Thursday, May 14, 2015

Back with some recipes

I will keep some recipes here because I think it will easy to come back to it whenever I want.
We had a marvelous year so far. Hope the same has been true to you as well.    "Easy Banana Muffins." To see the recipe click on the link.

I finally lost the fear of making Angel Food Cake and went ahead a made one. Ok, it was a mistake to take away all the fear because I forgot and sprayed the pan and thus the reason it didn't raise well. It did however tasted pretty good with the straberries.

We had a couple of cooler days a few days ago and so I decided to make Cauliflower soup. I absolutely love soups.
I got the recipe again from   Here is the link for you:

I noticed how bad these photos are. The light in the kitchen at night doesn't help with photography. I apologize.
Hope you have a great end of week.