Wednesday, October 28, 2015

                                             Cooler days and time for projects

                                                             October 28, 2015

These seemed to simple and easy to make that I gave it a try. We have young ones in the family that could use some extras. The kids loose these so easily that is a good thing to have extras.  Below is a photo of how it's made.  After I did the sewing on one side and in the bottom I will turn inside out and use a small piece of the same material to tie the whole fringe together and voila!!  Sorry the quality of the photo.  It has been cloudy in here and I took these outdoors but still the photo looks dark. We got our first snow of the season today but it melted upon hitting the ground.                                           
Crochet hats for our nephew's little girl.

 This decorative apple tree is in front of the church in a nearby community and they told me that the birds eat them when Spring come. It stays in the tree the whole Winter and somehow it must ferment and the birds act funny after they eat them, that is what a lady from church informed me. That is extraordinary I thought. They look like tiny pumpkins growing in a tree. :)
 Here is the whole tree - decorative apple.

Our gray skies in North Dakota.

 Hope your Autumn has been cozy and wonderful!!



  1. That crab apple tree is quite lovely! And I love the crochet hats. I have tried learning to crochet from youtube videos, with a little bit of success, but have never really learned how to read a pattern.

  2. I just learned how to read a simple pattern! It is so good to have someone nearby to teach you along also. I don't seem to get knitting. Thank you for your visit and comment Shammickite. Have an awesome day!

  3. Your landscape looks like ours in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I love the fleece hats too.

  4. Love your project pics! The sky photos are beautiful too!!

  5. Good morning Angela.

    You already had snow, eh? It might be pretty cold out there.

    Here in CT we are having the best Fall ever. So beautiful, the weather is being great, not too many cold days, blue skies, sunny, but this week we've noticed some changes, I think winter is coming....

    Love the crochet hats :)

  6. Your post is so cute --- drunk birds? ha ha! This looks like a crab apple tree. It must be full of blooms in the Spring. Your crochet looks nice - keep trying with the knitting. My daughter-in-law just started and she's crocheter and picked it up quickly. My daughter just started to crochet and plans to start knitting. I'm creating my own knitting tribe!

  7. :) Drunk birds- heh!
    Beautiful projects. I especially adore those sweet flowers.

  8. Your little fleece and crocheted hats are so cute. I saw a video of a squirrel that ate berries from a tree and then couldn't walk in a straight line. It was pretty funny. That tree is so beautiful!

  9. The little people on your Christmas list are going to love their gifts. Those crocheted hats with the flowers are darling.