Monday, October 19, 2015

How The Day goes

 Drinking lots of warm tea and enjoying the cool weather.

The trees behind the house.

I now know for sure that my three favorite teas are Masala Chai, Camomile and Cinnamon Spice.What are your favorite teas? One of the ladies from church brought us an apple cake that is pretty delicious! I will ask her for the recipe.


Someone I know loves to be on tops of beds!! Problem is mommy doesn't like cat hair all over!
 Lately I have been in love with chai tea! Our daughter who is living in India gave us this marvelous chai and also the tea pot. The tea came in a very beautiful package with a cloth around it. However for easy handling I placed it in this small ball jar with one of the labels attached to the jar. This tea pot is made from a special type of stone that has healing properties. The tea inside the teapot will absorb the healing properties. They grind these stones and make the tea pot from the grinded stone. I would hope to see something like this at some import store in the US someday.  I hope never to break this one, but disastrous like I can be ...

 A close up of the tea pot made of stone , from India.

These leaves got so dark that I prefer to call this tree a Halloween tree. This is right behind our house in a small park the city has there.

I love this story
I also love Andi and her beautiful knitting.

Wishing you a great week !



  1. I love reading about how someone else's day goes. It's one of my favorite things about blogging. My favorite teas are Irish Breakfast (especially Trader Joe's version), Bigelow English Teatime and Constant Comment, and Stash Chai. I drink a lot of tea, but I like all kinds, I'm not especially picky. I hope you're having a good week so far.

    1. Jennifer we share the same interest then for I too love to hear how life is unfolding for people. Simple every day things that makes life to be what it is for each one of us. Thanks for sharing about your favorite teas. The week has been great!

  2. I love chai tea! and I also love chamomile at bedtime. Pretty pictures! Hope you're having a great week!

    1. We share the love for the same teas Sherry! I like Camomila sometimes awhile we watch a Netflix program which is somewhat before bed. :)

  3. Hello Angela,

    I enjoy lots of teas but I do love rose tea. The tea pot is beautiful. Such a sweet gift from your daughter.

    Have a lovely week.


    1. Hi Janet, rose tea sounds delicious! I shall look for that. May your week be lovely as well!

  4. The tree colors are so is that teapot!! Wow, it's quite magnificent, actually. It must be quite heavy, is it?

    If you get the recipe for the apple cake,maybe you can share it. There are lots of apples on our tree still, and I love baking with them.

    My favorite teas are peppermint, licorice and honey-crisp apple----in that order!!

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Actually the tea pot isn't heavy Kathleen. I too thought it would be when she my husband got out of the box. I shall ask Betty for the apple cake recipe. It is very yummy! I like peppermint as well but only have occasionally, it is very good for digestion. I have never seen the honey-crisp apple tea..sounds good. Ohhh licorice is a flavor I am still getting used to it. Thank you for your visit.