Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Happy Easter!

I love this time of the year, the temperatures are not too cold or too warm and earth is just waking up from the long Winter. I also love Easter because it is a time to remember the resurrection of our Lord!
I have also picked a project. This yarn has been in my yarn bucket for awhile so I decided to make a shawl for my daughter.  The pattern is in German but I followed the diagram that is pretty self explanatory.
Here you can find the diagram
Crochet and tea time!
 I made a sample of the pattern with this synthetic worsted yarn first.

I think that this made in a color like ecru would look pretty!
The snow has melted !! This little park is by where we live. The kids in the neighborhood play in there when the weather permits.
 In a few more months there will be water under this bridge and a huge number of frogs.
 This patchwork balls are so cute and easy to make. It's great for babies! There are two more babies coming up this Summer (nephew's kids.) I will make a couple more and use some of these pieces of fabric. A little bell inside adds interest to a young child. The pattern for it can be found here in Melissa's blog,  click here:  Tiny Happy                                                                                                              

   This is the smallest one. You can play with the pattern and make in different sizes.

        Happy Easter!!    We pray for peace!!   


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Feeling Joyful

It's so nice to get something marvelous and new in the mail. I ordered a few lavender sachets from Monica in Italy and what a Joy it was to get that package yesterday. Oh my goodness, the embroidery is beautifully done. Each one of these are little master pieces and the scent of lavender is heavenly! I love to open drawers that contains lavender sachets.Wish you could sense the perfume through the computer screen.

Monica has better photos of it here in her facebook page

The heart was a gift and it doesn't have lavender inside but all the others have!! What a happy aroma!
I got a gift of embroidered towels by the ladies from church. I love simple sack towels, they are large soft and with embroidery makes it more special.

 I made these the other day. The little paper attached to them is to remind me where they came from and give them credit. The one in the left is from here. The one in the right is from here.
    This is a very old crochet book I got in a used book sale. America's Crochet Book by Gertrude Taylor.

Sometimes I like to have just a small smoothie for dinner. I was glad to find the brewer's yeast at the grocery story in the health food area for it adds some vitamin B. The honey I put on a ball jar because I get them in a huge jug and it would be hard to pour. 

 Hope you are having a great day and will have a marvelous week ahead.
Many thanks for taking time to visit and to make a comment. It means a lot to me. Thank you!
May your week be blessed!