Saturday, October 1, 2016

This visit to Iowa was fun. Our daughter is here (from India) and she needed to go to Iowa to visit her grandma and her brother. We also went to a wedding awhile there.  In our way back we stopped in Eldon - Iowa to see the house that inspired Grant Wood to paint "American Gothic, one of the most recognized paintings in the world." The day we were there was a Sunday so the adjacent American Gothic House Center was closed.  If the center was open we would have been given costumes to wear and take photos in front of the house. Oh, well, next time perhaps? 

 Our daughter getting a shot.
 My family busy reading the info provided.

 Our kids in a silly shot.

Info about the Gothic House.
Lots of wind mills can be seen when travelling in Iowa.

Back in North Dakota

 Found these in our yard.  Looks poisonous.
 Wanted to try this for the health benefits but it took so long to get here. I had forgotten I had ordered then I see that it came from England. No wonder there was a delay. This is not alcoholic. I add some sparkling water to it. Of course one can add white wine to it if one wants it to be alcoholic.This one is just a sugary syrup.
 Daughter got these lovely dainty crochet pieces when she travelling in Turkey. She was at Sirince Village and it was all being sold by a very elderly lady. She did a great job, it must have been a fine needle and thread. I added the measuring tape to photo to give an idea of how diminutive this is.

 These in cream color (beige) although not as tiny as the previous one still quite small also.
 This embroidered table linen was given to me as a gift.
 My daughter was surprised that they have vineyards in Iowa so she bought a couple of bottles to try.
 From Iowa with love!
Thank you all that took time to stop by and leave a comment. I appreciate it very much.
We are enjoying our daughter's visit here. Autumn colors are around us now and the temperatures are just marvelous this time of the year!


  1. Wow! Such fine needlework. Woman all over the globe are so talented! Great to see that famous house!

    Enjoy your time with your young woman. Such time is always special.

  2. How neat! I love Grant Wood. So Americana. LOvely needlework. I bet the colors are starting to change your way!


    1. It looks so pretty here this time of the year Jane!

  3. How wonderful for you to be able to spend some time with your adult children and create some warm memories together. The crocheted doilies are just lovely. I would love to have a closer look at the tablecloth you were given. It looks very beautiful. It is so nice to see flowers in your post. I've got the last of my garden flowers on the table and am so enjoying them.

    1. We live far from our kids so it's great when we get to see them. Thanks for the visit and comment Ronda!

  4. Such a lovely post, Angela. You look like you were all having a great time. Elderflower cordial? I think that's a very old-fashioned wine - I know I read about it in one of my historical novels. I think it would make me happy just to look at the bottle!

    1. This Elderflower cordial is not alcoholic. It is simply a syrup and we can add white wine and make it alcolholic. We just add sparkly water and make it non-alcoholic. Thank you for the visit and comment Karen!

  5. What a fun day trip to take, and see the Gothic house for yourself. I enjoyed reading the sign with the information about the house. How special that your daughter picked up such treasures for you in Turkey, wow that stitching is amazing! Such talent! Enjoy the cordial, it sounds delightful :) Happy Fall!