Tuesday, December 5, 2017

December -2017

We had a big snow storm here in North Dakota but finally it all looks calm this morning.  The winds were tremendous yesterday and today it's all calm. I pray everyone is safe.
This photo was taken this morning.
 This was last night
 I am trying to make some stars ....maybe a thinner yarn or thread would be better?
 We accumulated a bit of snow...backyard.
 The beautiful moon a few days ago.
 Our new kitten, her name is Lumi (Finnish word for snow.)  She has been scratching her face, doctor said it is duo to ear infection so we are placing drops of meds inside her right ear.
Making carrot casserole....I learned from a friend not to immediately discard the cuttings from the carrots but use it for a facial treatment. Rub on face and leave it there for 10-15 minutes then wash it off. I do it sometimes and the skin does feel refreshed.
 Went to a church in a another town nearby to watch these troubadours sing. It was very nice!
Got embroidery from Alicia and hope to start it soon.

Lovely moom!
Sending you wishes of a wonderful week !!!
Best regards, 


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We are about to take off to Iowa to visit the family and celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a time for turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie!  We had snow but it has melted nicely so I hope the roads are good. The temps around here went from freezing to 43 degrees Fahrenheit today.
There is so many things we are still thankful despite the fact that we do live in a terrible world.  Eph. 5 :20 "At all times and for everything giving thanks in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God the Father."

 Made something for the granddaughter.
 These pumpkins will turn into pumpkin soup soon.
 Homemade applesauce without any sugar.
 At the Orchard.

 We had a few foggy days.
 Have you ever had Golden Milk?? It tastes great and it has it's health benefits.

 Sometimes even these are ok! :)
 These are the kids of a friend from church. We went to the orchard together. The kids had fun!
 I finished putting together the quilt top I got from Alicia Paulson. I did placed two squares of the same together to "add interest" as it was mentioned. Now....let's see when I will put it all together.

 This is one of the best chicken curry I ever made. I got the recipe from Donal Skehan's via facebook.  It's called "My Best Chicken Curry."

 Some of my herbs drying. I added a few more herbs to the group later on.
 Ready to wash pumpkins!

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving (for those here in the U.S.)!
Thank you for all your visits and comments in the last post!
Blessings to you!


Monday, October 16, 2017


 Making a couple of these for granddaughter's nursery.

 Apple cake.
 At the Cheyenne River.

 In the backyard
 My husband and his brother looking at the Cheyenne River.

 Open fields
 Old bridge that is now closed
 Weird weed by the old bridge
 Family from Norway settled here years ago and now the house is a museum that sits in the Cheyenne River valley. This is literally in the middle of nowhere but indeed a beautiful place.

 State park

 Taken from car in our way home

Sunday early morning greeted me with a layer of frost on every leaf on the ground that looked like sugar frost. The temps are lower than September but not too bad. Right now it's 63 degrees outside with beautiful sunshine. Wishing you beautiful and peaceful days full of sunshine. XOXO