Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. We even got to skype with our daughter and her husband. It has been cruelly cold outside. It's now -12 and we are thankful that -23 went away.
May you and your families have a great new year and may the new year bring peace, prosperity, joy and above all good health!
We usually wait till All Kings Day to remove the Christmas decorations.
 Time to be drinking something warm
 Evening aproaching
 Cozy up in the sofa and watch Father Brown.

 Leaving black eye pea, rice and lentils behind the front door in tiny plates for it brings good luck. I don't believe in good luck then why do I do it? mother used to do it so the tradition stays with me.
 Black eye peas cooking for tonight
 Son brought new board games for us to play

Blessings to you and yours this new year! 


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Wishing a wonderful Christmas time to everyone. It has been quiet around here and we like that. I was glad our son made here from Iowa or it would have been just the husband and me to celebrate last night. This is the first time ever that we celebrate Christmas on the 23rd. Our schedule has to coordinate with the husband's schedule thus the reason. We had a nice meal and opened gifts afterwards. I watched "Miracle On 34th Street." We will go to Iowa to celebrate on the 28th of Dec.  My husband's mother usually has a great program for us and she involves many of the younger ones in the program. We have a couple of nieces who are musicians and they provide a small concert for us which is wonderful! Check them out here Chasing Lovely   .  Do you travel to be with family for Christmas? What do you traditionally do as a family?
My prayer at this time is for more love, we need to say "I love them" more often. Jesus said for us to love one another. May you keep cozy and get lots of love from family, friends and adorable pets!
I am going to try making wrist warmers. Link : wrist warmers
 Our star on top of tree isn't lighted so I am looking for something else for next year.
 We have had lots of warm soups for it's the best thing to cozy up to a warm bowl of soup in this weather.  Recipe here White Bean And Ham Soup

This new house looks a bit lonely without trees around it. We see this in our way driving to the gym in another town nearby.
Love the thoughts of Joy!
Got a few wheat grass ornaments from a lady who was making them at a crafts fair. This art seems to be dying. Hope people in the future will take time to learn it.

When we were in Germany for Christmas 1999 we enjoyed spiced wine at a Christmas Market. We asked to buy the mugs we were using to bring home as souvenirs and they sold it to us. It brings back memories when we use our mugs this time of the year.

Mimo is getting old but he is so sweet!
It never fails, everything gets to park on the coffee table. I dislike mint chocolate and husband dislike cherry chocolate combination so I get him the mint/choc. and he gives me cherry/choc. every Christmas.
Sweet potato pie!!! I love it! We had pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving so I made this one instead this time.
Pomegranate for good luck! Hey, we forgot to open it. I imagine it was because we were too full.
Lonely table just for 3 people!

Three Bean casserole, sour cream mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, carrot casserole and cranberry sauce.
I made stuffing on stove top. It takes too long to get the turkey done when the stuffing is inside cavity. I wasn't in the mood for that this year. My son was suggesting this elaborate stuffing with Port Wine, chestnuts, cranberries etc....maybe next year buddy!
Making of sweet potato pie.
Panettone is a must for us at Christmas time.

Sweet Potato Pie with chai tea.

Started to read my Hygge book son gave me for Christmas. Reading newsletters and cards from family and friends.
When we lived in Zimbabwe for 3 years we loved the tradition of placing Christmas Crackers by the side of the plate. I can't get it around here unless I order online so I just placed some other small gifts by the plate.
Time to eat.

The new kitten Lumi is quick to make friends with our older cat Mimo.
We have another church service tonight with a lovely cantata.   Merry Christmas to you and yours! Keep cozy and spread the love!

P.S. Some of you asked for the recipe for the Carrot Casserole.

Cook carrot, mash, yield 3-4 cups (I like to use 4 c.)
4 Tab. butter
1 C. evaporated milk with 3 teaspoons sugar
1 cup grated sharp cheddar cheese
1/2 cup onion cut very fine
salt to taste
Buttered crumbs for top (panko)

Miss all, place on 9x13 pan. Top with buttered crumbs. Bake 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

chasing Lovely

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

December -2017

We had a big snow storm here in North Dakota but finally it all looks calm this morning.  The winds were tremendous yesterday and today it's all calm. I pray everyone is safe.
This photo was taken this morning.
 This was last night
 I am trying to make some stars ....maybe a thinner yarn or thread would be better?
 We accumulated a bit of snow...backyard.
 The beautiful moon a few days ago.
 Our new kitten, her name is Lumi (Finnish word for snow.)  She has been scratching her face, doctor said it is duo to ear infection so we are placing drops of meds inside her right ear.
Making carrot casserole....I learned from a friend not to immediately discard the cuttings from the carrots but use it for a facial treatment. Rub on face and leave it there for 10-15 minutes then wash it off. I do it sometimes and the skin does feel refreshed.
 Went to a church in a another town nearby to watch these troubadours sing. It was very nice!
Got embroidery from Alicia and hope to start it soon.

Lovely moom!
Sending you wishes of a wonderful week !!!
Best regards, 


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We are about to take off to Iowa to visit the family and celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a time for turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie!  We had snow but it has melted nicely so I hope the roads are good. The temps around here went from freezing to 43 degrees Fahrenheit today.
There is so many things we are still thankful despite the fact that we do live in a terrible world.  Eph. 5 :20 "At all times and for everything giving thanks in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God the Father."

 Made something for the granddaughter.
 These pumpkins will turn into pumpkin soup soon.
 Homemade applesauce without any sugar.
 At the Orchard.

 We had a few foggy days.
 Have you ever had Golden Milk?? It tastes great and it has it's health benefits.

 Sometimes even these are ok! :)
 These are the kids of a friend from church. We went to the orchard together. The kids had fun!
 I finished putting together the quilt top I got from Alicia Paulson. I did placed two squares of the same together to "add interest" as it was mentioned. Now....let's see when I will put it all together.

 This is one of the best chicken curry I ever made. I got the recipe from Donal Skehan's via facebook.  It's called "My Best Chicken Curry."

 Some of my herbs drying. I added a few more herbs to the group later on.
 Ready to wash pumpkins!

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving (for those here in the U.S.)!
Thank you for all your visits and comments in the last post!
Blessings to you!