Friday, March 3, 2017


We are enjoying the weather since it's no longer in the negative digits! Tomorrow will get around 50 degrees, hurray! I have had my share of scary days, emergency room visit and back and forth to doctors. Hope now this blood pressure problem will be solved.  It was fun to make this bunting banner. It makes for a nice gift for baby's room or someone's birthday celebration. You can make it in any color combination you like.
I printed a pattern from a link I found in Pinterest.
 Based on Monica's embroidery. Of course my branches are a bit of a mess here.
 Happy St. Pat's Day!
I love to cover our plain match boxes with something less colorful. I used part of our church bulletin and also part of a music sheet my husband had it laying around. 
You can cover with whatever pretty paper you have available.
 I also like to make my own cards whenever possible. I used some of my own photos too so this way people get a bit of my own art. We used to live right by this lake you see in a couple of these photos.

Got this from someone else who really believes that I could finish this....humm..I don't think I can.
 Husband is the bread maker of the house.
 He made his "natural gargle" with vinegar and salt and placed in this jar. The problem was that he used cider vinegar and not white vinegar so that jar looked awful in the bathroom. I feared someone would see and think he had a urine sample ready for the lab. I made a crochet cover for the lid and a last minute label. It still looks funky but it's much better now believe me!
 Ohh, we both loved this movie. It is a Finnish movie and it has content. I highly recommend it.

Wishing a wonderful month of March for everyone!



  1. Same to you Angela.

    I love your crafts and craftiness!

  2. Some lovely thing´s there! Always so much inspiration on your blog :)
    Well, saturday again...let´s have a great day!
    Love Titti

  3. Your gargle jar story made me laugh out loud. Love your solution. Cute banner! xo

  4. My mother is having a blood pressure issue as well...I hope they can get to the bottom of yours!

  5. You are incredibly talented! I too laughed at the "urine sample" gargle! Oh how funny!

  6. Your crafts are beautiful, the white embroidery is so elegant! The crochet cover you made me smile. Such a good idea! I think I need it for my green tea. I have a low blood pressure. This is an issue for me.
    Spring has arrived here. Lets's enjoy our new season!

  7. I hope this is a better month for you. I think your matchbox covers are very creative. I checked the weather and looks like snow! How beautiful to have warmer weather. Enjoy it for me!

  8. Bellissimo
    Ti seguo passa da me

  9. Your post is lovely (and funny!). Hope your medical issues are all better. My mantra - "Spring is Coming, Spring is Coming..."

  10. glad to see your wonderful art work here!
    Happy spring dear friend!

  11. lol that gargle does look questionable..
    a man who bakes bread.. yum.. lucky you.

  12. Well done!!! I hope it's nothing serious. :)))

  13. How fun to make matchboxes pretty! And I make my own cards too, often with my own photos, or using pretty paper and stamps. It is so enjoyable :) The gargle story is hilarious! You definitely did what you could with it :) And I loved your baby bunting. Just a simple triangle, huh? Hmm... that is a project I could attempt and finish, I do believe! That white crossstich project would do me in too! LOL! Hugs to you today :) Happy March! (we got 3" of snow last night... spring is slumbering!)

  14. I do hope you're feeling better and were able to fix that high blood pressure problem!

  15. Thank you so very much for your visit and kind comments dear ladies! I am feeling better now and taking two medication for the blood pressure. It was hard to get used to it but it seems to be working ok. Hope your week has been good! Cold and snowing today although the snow won't be much. Again thank you!!

  16. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the nice comment! Nice to see all your wonderful project! Enjoy your week end!


    1. Muchas gracias por tu visita Alicia!

  18. You have been so busy! I love the bunting, those match boxes look so different. Sorry you have had some health problems, I hope you are now feeling better. Sarah x

  19. I had to laugh about the gargle looking like a urine sample! The matchboxes and cards are very creative, and just do a little bit of that lovely white embroidery every day and you will soon have it finished.