Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Finally sunshine ! We had rain yesterday but today it's beautiful and sunny. That rain was great to make the grass green!!  Since I finishes my last crochet project I am thinking about another one. A baby blanket that is simple like the other ones I made.  Mint green is a gentle color that somehow looks like something good to eat. My daughter likes this shade of green.

 Another light green thing, this is Brazilian Lemonade. Recipe will be posted below if you want to try.
I place a couple of ice cubes in the glass first then poured over it. The lemonade was nice chilled for an hour before serving.
Hurray!!  I finally finished the alphabet sampler I got from Alicia Paulson. I will now figure out how to frame it. Need to press iron to the back of it first.
 This lovely couple was enjoying the little bit of water by the park. This is the park near our backyard. The city keeps this little park very clean but there was this plastic bag right by the cute ducks.

 I planted just a tiny bit of muscari in the yard. I am delighted it's blooming!
I like pink flowers also. This is at my neighbors yard, and I was told it's a flowering almond tree.

 This is in front of the tiny post office here in town. I think our post office here is the same size as a kitchen. It's very small but very cute. It's a crab apple tree I believe!?
Clear skies!
The tree in front of the house is now getting it's brand new leaves. I love that shade of green of the new leaves, don't you?
Aunt Jemima Puddle Duck and her husband ?
Looks almost edible!
Busy days ahead! Soon I will be teaching Vacation Bible School. We are watching the new episodes of Call The Midwife. Started watching Father Brown. The series are inspired by the works of GK Chesterton. It's very entertaining.  Here it's the recipe for the Brazilian Lemonade.


                                    1/3 cup condensed milk (sweet)
         1/3 cup sugar
 3 limes 
         4 cups water

Cut limes in fourths, remove seeds. Place the whole thing in the blender -  skin and all.  Blend till smooth for about 4 minutes. Sieve it afterwards to take away the fiber. Serve with ice. 
Carb info: 1/4 of this recipe has 35.2 gr of carbs.  Enjoy!

Hope your days are lovely and full of sunshine.




  1. Beautiful post, Angela. Love the crochet work. That new green this time of year is my favourite. We are not at that point yet. Soon.

  2. Just like your daughter, I love this soft green and think it'll make the perfect baby blanket.

  3. I absolutely LOVED your whole post my friend!
    this color is beautiful and like your daughter i too like it very much,best wishes for your next project with it!
    your photos are soul freshening ,after rain your area looks more serene and lashing.
    shot of branches with sky are very captivating .

    i liked the recipe ,worth trying .
    more blessings to you and family .

  4. I always marvel at the beautiful things you create. What is the pink flower after the muscari ? It is so pretty. It is so good to see spring returning to your landscape. Sarah x

    1. Thank you Sarah! The pink flowers are from "Flowering Almond plant."

  5. A lovely post, Angela. The mint green baby blanket will be so pretty. Mallards are fun to watch. I love to see the new babies. So cute. I hope you'll get to see and photo some. I didn't recognize the name "Muscari" so I had to look it up. I see it's grape hyacinth, which I have also in my garden. It's such a beautiful shade. Your sampler is sweet. You do very nice work. Enjoy these spring days. xo

    1. Thanks Nancy. Yes it's also referred as Grape Hyacinth which is one of my favorites!

  6. I've never made lemonade with condensed milk. It sounds delicious. Thanks for the recipe.
    These days I'm binge watching Father Brown on Netflix. :)
    Hope you have a great weekend.

    1. Father Brown is so much fun! Thank you !

  7. Angela, I so love this post and thank you for including the recipe for the lemonade. The projects you have been working on are lovely, you are so very talented. Thank you also for sharing all the beauty that surrounds you. I love seeing what all is blooming in my friends parts of the world. Be blessed!

  8. What a lovely post! It´s springtime...love this time of year :)
    Warm hug from Titti

  9. Love the pretty new baby blanket and your sweet sampler! Such pretty flowering trees, too. I have never heard of Brazilian lemonade - it sounds delicious. Thank you for sharing the recipe! The ducks are so sweet :) Sending hugs xo Karen

  10. Interesting recipe for the Brazilian lemonade, using the skin and all! Sounds delicious! I love the color of your new baby blanket, so pretty. And exciting to see such pretty blooms too! Oh that almond tree, the blooms are gorgeous! Glad that you are enjoying such a nice spring :)

  11. The mint green colour is lovely for your baby blanket, such lovely photos of the blossoms and ducks. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog:)

  12. All beautiful spring colors in your post - Angela! Wishing you beautiful skies of blue.

  13. Good morning, your alphabet is looking beautiful - I have one from my grandgrandmother at scholl! Spring is there, so much flowers in the garden.


  14. We have a week long forecast of rain.. so yes I hope the sunshine comes soon.
    The lemonade sound amazing! Condensed milk.. my mom would really like this.
    Mint green is such a soothing color we painted our living room that color.