Monday, June 12, 2017


We are enjoying these nice temperatures!  It seems like it was ages ago since I last posted. I am a sporadic blogger. June has been very busy for both me and my husband. We both were teaching Vacation bible school. It was interesting teaching that very young group of children. We don't have grandchildren yet so we miss being around the little ones. After the bible school we left to attend conference of U.M.C. Next week I will be off on vacation till first week of July.
New crochet project that may look good at the end.
Some of our potted flowers
Relaxing time 
From pinterest , Rhubarb Sour Cream Crumble Pie

Tasted great with tea. Goat's milk was a gift from a friend.
There is always time for a concert at the park. My apologies for the people's head on photo.
Hot sun over the daisy
This is not a pie but a casserole with ground beef.
getting some peonies

our chives
fields not far from our place
                  Wishing everyone a delightful Spring!


  1. Great variety in this post. Love it.

    Look forward to the finished project, Angela.

  2. What a lovely collection of your photos. They are all heartwarming images. Lovely colors of your crochet and flowers are so fresh in the soft light.The concert at the park must be wonderful!Especially I like to see those kids studying bible in your third photo. Thank you for inviting us to your delicious meals,Angela!!!
    I am busy with my English tough homework,which is one of my hobbies though, and taking care of my mother-in-law 97 at home and photography! I am also a sporadic blogger. Have a good new week.

  3. Thank you ladies!! Hope Summer activities are going fine for you all!

  4. Lovely scenes from beautiful summer days! I've been collecting rhubarb recipes for my daughter - she has an inherited rhubarb plant from the previous owners and didn't know what to do with it. Thanks for sharing the link. Lovely crochet. Love seeing all the little ones learning. Enjoy your vacation! xx Karen

  5. You look to be having some lovely weather, our summer is being a bit sporadic too ☺ your flower photos are great, love the tiny fly on the daisy and the big blousey peony x

  6. Hi Angela, the rhubarb pie looks delicious!!! Enjoy your holidays :)))

  7. I think this time of year it's hard to stay indoors to blog. I'd rather be out in my garden playing in the dirt. Your flowers are gorgeous. The pie looks fantastic. I bet it tasted fantastic, too. Have a great vacation! xo

  8. Hi Angela, You do sound so busy! Your dishes look so appetizing. Sarah x

  9. Lovely pictures and a lovely post!
    Have a great weekend...

  10. It is such a delightful and amazing time of year, so much to see and do, after being cooped up for the winter! We are going full speed ahead too with spring/summer busy-ness, glad you are having such a lovely summer too. Love those peonies, and your crochet projects always turn out amazing! Hope you have a wonderful vacation :)