Saturday, July 22, 2017

Ocean - Martha's Vineyard.

In the boat in our way to Martha's Vineyard!  I think I mentioned one thousand times how much I
love the ocean. Ironically I have always lived landlocked. In Brazil we lived landlocked, in Zimbabwe, Chile and also in all the states we lived here in the US.  Even when we lived in Chile for 3 years we still managed to live a bit far from the ocean. I know..... even being in a country that looks like it's all coast. :(  .  I truly enjoy moments like this listening to the waves.
May you have a restful and quiet weekend!  And may the week ahead be a wonderful week for all of us!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Finally we got some rain here in N.D. I am not sure if it's enough moisture or not.
Adding a few more photos of our vacation to New England area. These photos were
taken in Martha's Vineyard. This is an area where a lot of famous people like to visit. They
usually have a part of the Island where no one gets to see except them. We did a lot of walking,
my sister in law like to do some shopping for grandkids. We got a boat to take us across to the Island.

 View from the boat.

 Just a fast shot at one of the streets.
 A historical tree.
 We took a van tour of the place and he went very fast around the whole Island. This is a house where someone famous stays sometimes. I did not memorized which house goes with famous person, part because it was quite a few of them and part because I wasn't too interested to see where Oprah or whoever stays in. I really do not recommend anyone to take a tour van (bus) or at least not the one we took. It was 3 wasted hours.
 This was I believe Diana Ross's house at the Island.
 The cliff area was breathtaking.

 Around Martha's Vineyard.

Hope your Summer has been great and wish you happiness and many beautiful memories this Summer!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

After the Vacation

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posting. I have been recuperating after the vacation. I loved every minute in  New England. Went to Boston, then Onset, back to Boston and from there we got to go to Maine to see Ogunquit. It has been years that I had a dream to see Ogunquit beach. Then back to Boston again. In Boston we visited museums and did a bit of city walking, went to Quincy Market and around. We had fun visits with family members where we got delicious meals and eating out was also great. I ate a ridiculous amount of salt water taffy which is produced in that area. I have of course lots of photos but I will start with a few from Onset which was the first place we stayed for a few days.

 This was the cottage we stayed in Onset - Massachusetts. This was rented by the in-laws of our nephew. It had 6 bedrooms and we could see the ocean from the bottom and top balconies.

 It is a bay and the yacht club was nearby to the left. For me it was fun to see all the different boats.
 The water was just a bit chilly those days.

 Examples of architecture

 Rosa rugosa (wrinkled rose) which thrives by the sea.
 My crochet has been neglected later but it has grown a bit.
 Another old house - Onset. MA.

 We can see the ocean at the ahead as we walked towards from the cottage.

 Example of the old houses in the neighborhood.
 This an example of the new houses. This was was just made and the people moved in during the days we were in Onset. I heard it was bought for 180.000 US. dollars and completely renovated.
 A garden planted on bales of hay.

Hope you don't mind but I will add some more photos of this vacation. I highly recommend this are for vacations. I have some crochet and sewing projects but might wait till Fall/Winter to start working on them. About you, do you any projects you're working on now or waiting for Fall or Winter? 
Hope your Summer has been great. I will take time to visit all of your wonderful blogs.