Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Finally we got some rain here in N.D. I am not sure if it's enough moisture or not.
Adding a few more photos of our vacation to New England area. These photos were
taken in Martha's Vineyard. This is an area where a lot of famous people like to visit. They
usually have a part of the Island where no one gets to see except them. We did a lot of walking,
my sister in law like to do some shopping for grandkids. We got a boat to take us across to the Island.

 View from the boat.

 Just a fast shot at one of the streets.
 A historical tree.
 We took a van tour of the place and he went very fast around the whole Island. This is a house where someone famous stays sometimes. I did not memorized which house goes with famous person, part because it was quite a few of them and part because I wasn't too interested to see where Oprah or whoever stays in. I really do not recommend anyone to take a tour van (bus) or at least not the one we took. It was 3 wasted hours.
 This was I believe Diana Ross's house at the Island.
 The cliff area was breathtaking.

 Around Martha's Vineyard.

Hope your Summer has been great and wish you happiness and many beautiful memories this Summer!


  1. It is a beautiful place for sure. I am with you. I don't care for the celebrity trivia at all.

    It was worth the trip to see that coastline anyway.

  2. Those pictures of the cliff look beautiful. So serene.

  3. THANKS for nice comments on my blogg! We finally had two days without rain here in Stavanger, now it is back to rain again! I am planning on blogging from my town next! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I have often read books that are based in Martha's Vineyard it was interesting to see what it was like. It must have been a long coach trip if it went on for 3 hours! Sarah x

  5. How wonderful to see Martha's Vineyard and you have shown us some very pretty views. Love these lovely photos of my home state. The color of the sea is just so beautiful and the sweet shops and cottages are so tidy and well-kept. I hope you share some photos of Maine, too. Your crochet is coming along nicely..... xo Karen

  6. Thanks for sharing those photo's.....I have never seen the interesting.....and very beautiful

  7. It must be refreshing on the boat! Again, you have shown us such charming houses with pretty white fences and hydrangeas. Love to see them. Wonderful day to you!

  8. Wonderful summer impressions! We have no summer, we have rain and rain .... and so much to do in the garden.


  9. The pictures are very beautiful.
    I loved meeting you.

  10. Very charming place. I have never been, but it's on the list. I wouldn't be interested in the "who" either, but I certainly love looking at the homes, the charming architecture. Not so thrilled to be doing it on a fast driving van tour though. Thanks for the tip. I have read history books about the whaling industry on the island back in the 1800's and it was all very interesting, the women ran the island, in high positions, as the men were all out, well, whaling. Very progressive for the times!

  11. Dear Angela these photos are magnificent and view of clif are truly captivating!!!
    Glad you enjoyed your trip with your family and hope your sister in law enjoyed her shopping too

  12. I've never been there, so I very much enjoyed your photos. I love the bank building and the hydrangeas are gorgeous. Wow! Very pretty place. Thanks for sharing, Angela. xo

  13. What a wonderful vacation. Your photos remind me how different it is here in Idaho than on the east coast, and you've made me yearn to visit it!