Wednesday, August 23, 2017

And so it is August!

August is here!! Now instead of hearing the birds we now hear the crickets. We have an orchestra of crickets. Summer is giving signs that it's coming to an end. The sun is shining outdoors and we are going out for a walk. School has started here and the kids are very excited to start school again. Hope all is going well for each one of you.
I finished my crochet lap blanket finally.

 These brownies are awesome!! Not a cake like brownie but more like fudge. It's so delicious with a cup of coffee. I am for sure making it again. Recipe. 
 In front of the house we have one bouquet of pink hydrangea. It is it's first bloom.

 My son who was visiting here walked with me to see the lake which is just a few minutes walk from here.
 Love these fruits. It brings memories of the days we lived in Zimbabwe (for 3 years) and a boy would be selling these by the road. In there we would get them so nice and reddish. It was always so ripe and sweet but these were the next best thing.

 Dinner for two! I had not yet place the wine on the table or decorated the pork chops with some rosemary.

 A couple from our church renewed their wedding vowels. It was a very beautiful ceremony. My husband officiated it. The gentleman is a retired ex-marine and she was a teacher somewhere in the South. This was at their farm place here in ND but they have a house in the South and live there for the Winter.
 When I was in Boston I really enjoyed a Boston Baked beans so I tried to make it here at home.

 Love the aroma of the leaves in Lantanas.

 Never in my life did I had a garden so full of weeds. It's tiny and the tomatoes all have the blight.
 I add some turmeric to my smoothie sometimes. It's a powerful anti inflammatory.
 Waffles!! Used this recipe.
 Our breakfast corner. It's always a mess with devotionals that we read after a meal, phone, ipads, etc. The flowers were given by a friend from church.
 Love these flowers but with the drought was looking sad. It's a bit better now.
Wishing everyone a great week! May love and peace always be present in your life! Thank you for your visit in the previous post! I have tried to fix the video in the previous post, my apologies for that and hope it's working now. I looove the ocean and wish I could live near the ocean someday. 
Hugs !!