Monday, October 2, 2017


We pray for the victims of the shooting in Las Vegas! Words are hard to describe. May our God take care of all goes on in this earth.
Around here Autumn is showing up with it's glorious colors.
I have been absent because of travels between here and Iowa. My husband's mother has been sick and we decided to bring her here and she stayed for two weeks. It is hard to care for an adult. A baby you take along in your arms awhile you do cooking or whatever else. She is better now and husband took her back to Iowa.
We received great news :) !  We are going to be grandparents for the first time! Hurray!  have been busy making a few things for this little one. The ultrasounds shows a girl so little dresses are being bought and made. Daughter lives out of the country so one of these days we will head that way to be with her and her husband.
I hope to get a few more projects done this Fall and also to make visits to all the great blogs you all have.
I pray that everyone will have a great Autumn and free of violence. May peace and love rest in our hearts, our thoughts and soul. 
 On our way to the gym

 Made gifts for the grandaughter

 Burp cloth made using regular cloth diapers (NOT the pre-folded) and a piece of cute fabric. Just folded the cloth diaper in half and sewed to the fabric.
 I tried to help the young parents by embroidering some things since my daughter told me  that she has not figured out all the "pads" yet, it's burp bad, changing pad, breast feeding pads, etc.
 Got a few things at the country crafts festival in a small town nearby. Those almonds smelled so good. It was rainy and muddy but it was fun going through and getting cider and home made apple pie. I love the wheat weaving art and it seems to be disappearing.

 Busy bag for small kids. It will keep them entertained for hours but of course mom need to pay attention that it never gets ripped.

 I have seen patterns for these mittens made from recycled wool sweaters but never made one. I got a pair.
 A "cloud" of birds went over the house today. It was quite noisy but so pretty. It was a never ending noise of bird chirping and wings in the wind. The sky looked incredible. The photos don't really shows the real thing.

 Apple cake given by a friend in church and one of my favorite teas.
 I ordered a few more pumpkins and it will soon join these. I see pumpkin soup in my future!

Sending you love and wishes for a safe and cozy Autumn.


  1. Congratulations on your impending grandparenthood. Let the joy begin...soon.

    1. Thanks Marie!! We are so happy and can hardly wait till January.

  2. Congratulations...babies are wonderful! Enjoy every moment!! :)

  3. congratulations!!! so many adorable things you made for her..

  4. Congratulations future Granny! A baby girl - how wonderful! We've had all baby boys until recently but my nephew's wife is due next month with our first baby girl. I made a little purple shrug for her and bought some outfits to go with it. I made her a headband to match. So much fun! Many blessings for your family!

  5. Congratulations - such an exciting time for you and your family! Baby girls are just so precious and you've made some darling things for the sweet new arrival. Lovely photos of the countryside. Apple cake sounds good to me right now. Hope your October is full of blessings xo Karen

  6. Congratulations on your exciting news of becoming and grandparent to a sweet baby girl! I can already see that Grandma is going to be spoiling her with all kinds of cute and pretty things. ;)

    I have a pair of those mittens that my Heather's grandmother made for me. She even made me a second pair when I gave her some wool sweaters to felt to make more pairs for other people. I love them. They are so warm on bitter cold days!

  7. Yay- congratulations Angela! What wonderful news. The little love will be truly blessed to have such a lovely grandma.
    Those bibs are too sweet for words.

  8. Those bibs and booties are so cute! Beautifully done

  9. You have been a busy lady, congratulations on the newest little granddaughter. The bibs are darling and I think it's sweet that you labeled the pads. I hope fall continues to bring you sweet enjoyment, happy hugs.

  10. It has been a difficult year with so many awful things occurring throughout the world. Congratulations on your wonderful news of becoming grandparents. Those are such beautiful items that you have produced. Sarah x