Tuesday, December 5, 2017

December -2017

We had a big snow storm here in North Dakota but finally it all looks calm this morning.  The winds were tremendous yesterday and today it's all calm. I pray everyone is safe.
This photo was taken this morning.
 This was last night
 I am trying to make some stars ....maybe a thinner yarn or thread would be better?
 We accumulated a bit of snow...backyard.
 The beautiful moon a few days ago.
 Our new kitten, her name is Lumi (Finnish word for snow.)  She has been scratching her face, doctor said it is duo to ear infection so we are placing drops of meds inside her right ear.
Making carrot casserole....I learned from a friend not to immediately discard the cuttings from the carrots but use it for a facial treatment. Rub on face and leave it there for 10-15 minutes then wash it off. I do it sometimes and the skin does feel refreshed.
 Went to a church in a another town nearby to watch these troubadours sing. It was very nice!
Got embroidery from Alicia and hope to start it soon.

Lovely moom!
Sending you wishes of a wonderful week !!!
Best regards, 



  1. What lovely photos! And the new kitten looks like a real sweetheart.

  2. Our winters recently have been damp rather than white - so if we were to get a new kitten we'd have to call it 'Duck'!!! Your little Lumi looks rather sweet - hope her ear infection is sorted soon >^.^< xx

  3. What wonderful pictures thanks for sharing them.

    Hugs Diane

  4. Very nice pictures.. it is always so lovely to sit in a couch and to watch this kind of weather outside... but going out is........ :)

  5. I hope Lumi feels better soon. Great photos, Angela.

  6. I'm glad you are all safe after that snowstorm and high winds. Lumi is beautiful and I do hope her ear heals quickly.

  7. Your photos are so lovely. The outside with snow looks cold and it is very beautiful, and the inside is intimate with warm things!I hope Lumi is feeling better soon.Have a good day!

  8. Beautiful photos. Carrot casserole I have not heard of. I love carrots and I bet I would love the casserole too. Are you going to post the recipe? Kitty looks comfy and cozy.
    Pretty stars. I have some just like the ones you are making and they look pretty and soft on the tree.
    Happy Week end ahead

  9. So many beautiful photos, Angela. That first one could be a Christmas card! Looks like you're enjoying so much of the cozy season. And that itchy kitty is just too cute.

  10. The snow looks lovely, but also very cold! Glad to hear that everyone is safe and cozy there. Your stars are so pretty and your new kitty is very sweet. I'll have to try the carrot skin treatment next time I make a stew. Sweet blessings and hugs xo Karen


  12. I have been catching up with blogs this evening there seems to be snow everywhere at the moment apart from here! Your kitten looks so cute she matches your landscape! Hope the treatment works quickly. Your crochet stars are wonderful! Sarah x

  13. Seems like we all got snow this weekend.. thankfully we didn't get too much accumulation.
    I have never heard of a carrot casserole of carrot facial.. sounds interesting.


  14. Thank you ladies for your visit and comments!

  15. I really like the stars you crocheted. How do you make your carrot casserole? IT sounds great! Adorable new kitty Lumi. I hope her ears are feeling better.

  16. I loved the first photo, so serene!

    Snow covered your sitting area interestingly

    Loved the moon and your beautiful stars!

    Glad storm did not hurt anybody.
    Hope lumi feel better soon

  17. Beautiful photos, Angela. The last one is a perfect image for "peace". Hugs.

  18. You also have snow there :) We've had a power outage because there are so many snow on the trees. Now the weather is warmer and the snow has fallen out from the trees.

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