Sunday, January 21, 2018

Slow January

It seems like January is going slow or is it just my perception? I have not done much since January started. I am soon going to travel to another country to be with daughter and her husband. Their baby will be born by the end of this week. There is anxiety and happiness at the same time in our house. She will be our first grandchild and for sure will bring so much joy to our lives. We praise the Lord God for this blessing. We had a great Christmas time celebration with the family in Iowa. We had terribly cold days and some foggy days but in the last 3 days it has been great with 30 degrees Fahrenheit
 ( -1.1 C) It feels wonderfully warm. I have finished my small crochet project and I'm thinking about starting a new one.
My finished wrist warmers. I didn't follow a pattern. I just created my own thing. Made with leftover yarn. Nick Picks , Wool Of The Andes.
 Foggy days
 Lumi is looking better. The shots the doctor is giving her seems to be working.
Here is a great crochet podcast  LottieandAlbert
 I am about to finish Hygge so I got another book to read however I had to get in the ipad since it's handy to carry when I travel.
 Stewed apples with milk. Just cooked together the apples, sugar, a bit of cardamon, nutmeg, cinnamon and butter. Serve warm or chilled. I prefer warm.
 Mimo is is our adorable polydactyl fur baby.

 The lake nearby is frozen and still.
 Frozen lake
 Near the lake
 This was in Iowa, this is my mother is law's back yard.

 Some of the people of our family watching a Christian message in the basement of the church. We rented the church fellowship hall since it's large enough for the large family. My mom in law in the photo (89 years old) and also the youngest member of the family little Joe. (son of my husband's nephew.)
 Baby clothes are so sweet. These came from my mom who lives in Brazil. My daughter will appreciate these cool Summer clothes for her baby.
Little Ruth is so sweet and shy. She is the older sister of Joe.
Sending warm wishes for a lovely first month of the year! Keep cozy, give and receive lots of hugs from all your loved ones! Not sure when I will be able to post another post but soon I hope.