Tuesday, February 27, 2018


It's a wonderful thing to be a grandmother. I went to Singapore before the baby was born and a couple of days later she was born and brought lots of joy for both families. Her name is Ellery, Ellie for short. Both mom and baby are doing fine.  I passed a month with them and my husband came for the last two weeks of that and we traveled back together. The jet leg is pretty bad and I am still experiencing it.

 We went to the top of the  Marina Bay Sands Hotel, that is the building that looks like a ship on top of three towers. The whole thing is the hotel. From the "ship" we can see the whole city and it was nice to go before it get dark than see the city lights come in when it gets dark.
 It was great to take a day off to go to the beach.
 Gardens by the bay was fantastic. These gigantic "trees" change colors awhile music is played. Many people layed on the ground to look upward.
 The Marina Bay Hotel The "The ship" was fantastic...they have all these palm trees on top, an infinity pool, bar, restaurant...etc, etc.
This view below was from another tall building. We went to a restaurant/bar and from there we have our food with this view. The restaurant is called "Level 33." I had the dory fish and it was great. My husband had something else with a great flat bread.

 The Merlion. I never got a good shot. The first few days we were there it was being repared and was all covered up and then this time we were in a hurry and could not get closer. Sorry for the blurry photo. The Merlion is a big symbol in Singapore so I wanted to include a photo here.
 At the botanical garden
 Our sweet one.
 Satay was great but the sauce was just a bit spicy for me.

 People laying down to watch the tree show with the gigantic trees at Gardens by the bay.
 Some of the fruits my daughter had at her house

A giant tree at Gardens By The Bay (It changed colors constantly with the music.)
We were there during Chinese New Year so we took a train to Chinatown and oh my heavens it was very well decorated all around.

 I was glad this young lady did not mind me taking her photo. She looked so cute with all the red color around. 2018 is the year of the dog.

This was much fun but sorry to report that my crochet and other crafts had to put away for awhile. I was glad to have been there for the birth of the baby and help my daughter and her husband in a few things. The jet leg was bad so I did not sleep well for more than one week. What a mess :(
We are now back in cold North Dakota and it seems like it will be some snow coming this next weekend. Keep warm and I hope you don't mind me sharing about the trip. It's a beautiful country, clean, polite, convenient and comfortable. I do recommend it for a vacation spot. 
P.S.  I corrected the info in here, it is not Fullerton hotel but Marina Bay Sands hotel that has the ship structure on top of it.  No we did not stayed there.  We just went up to enjoy the restaurant and the night view.
Take care and till next time!


  1. Congratulations with your grandchild! How exciting! And how nice with a good excuse to visit Singapore! I love Singapore, it is a great place, you're daughter is so lucky! Have a nice week, we are trying to stay warm, it is record cold this week!


  3. The little one is so cute! Much happiness and joy for her life. It must be a blessing to be a grandmother. Congratulations!

  4. Oh Angela, congratulations! She's beautiful and I know how you were looking forward to her arrival. That is some trip you made to welcome her and be present for your daughter. Sounds like it was a wonderful experience. We're getting snow, too and I am not thrilled about it, but maybe you can get cozy and catch up on your sleep!! Xo

  5. Congratulations to you and your family, Angela. Grandchildren bring such joy to our lives!

    Singapore looks lovely though so far away!

  6. Congratulations on the new member of the family, Angela! How precious and exciting for all of you! She is adorable and being a grandmother is one of life's biggest joys, I think. Glad you enjoyed your trip.


  7. Congratulations on being a grandma! That is just so exciting Angela! I loved the sweet pictures of little Ellery, what a darling name! And oh my, the pictures of Singapore are amazing! What an incredibly beautiful place to visit, and to live!! I imagine the jet lag was horrible, and hoping that you recover speedily from it. Blessings to you dear friend! Hugs!

  8. Congratulations to you and your family on the birth of your beautiful granddaughter! It looks like you had a really exciting time. I'm sure it was worth the recovery time you needed!

  9. Congrats , Grandmom!!!Ellie is so adorable. Lots of kisses and blessings to her.
    My Blog

  10. i truly enjoyed this beautiful virtual trip dear Angla!!!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing glimpse of your trip to singapore !

    reminded me days when my dearest late mom was always with me when i was about to give birth to my babies ,she always stood beside me ,helped me and make me understand how to deal with all new happenings:)

    you are wonderful grandma my friend!

    your granddaughter is so precious and adorable!!!

    the hotel you stayed in was outstanding as view from above is glorious!

    loved the china town particularly ,soooo pretty and amazingly well embellished !

    pic of young lady is delight!
    sorry for your leg pain my friend ,hope you get relief soon and can get good sleep !
    please take good care ,best wishes for your each day ahead!

  11. What beautiful baby! Congratulations to you and your family. So precious.
    I would love the idea relaxing on the beaching gazing at the trees changing colors. I am sure you are in for a big rest after such a huge trip. Enjoyed seeing your photos from your trip.

  12. Congratulations to you all, she looks so beautiful. It must have been wonderful to share her first month but sad to say goodbye. Had you ever been to Singapore before? The Tree Show looks amazing. Sarah x

  13. Ellie is beautiful! I am so glad you were able to stay so long and help get ready for baby and then get to enjoy her also. Grandchildren are just so precious!

    What a lucky thing for you to also be there during the Chinese New Year celebrations! I miss that living where I do now. It was a HUGE deal when I was growing up in Hawaii.

  14. Such a precious little darling, Angela - congratulations! I know it must have been hard to say goodbye, but what a blessing to have been there for her first month. Singapore looks like a wonderful place - love the beautiful China town and the pretty skyline of the city. The tropical fruits look delicious. Now it is back to the 'real world' where old man winter is still hanging on. It always takes me a good long while to readjust after a time away, too. Take care - hugs and blessings xo Karen

  15. Congratulations on your grandchild! A cute child! The hotel was quite special.

  16. Congratulations! Your granddaughter looks adroable.

  17. Thank you ladies!! Sarah, no I had never been there before and our daughter and son in law have been there for almost 2 years.

  18. AWWWWWW, welcome to the world, little lady :)

  19. I came across your blog via julias bookbag blog. It's very lovely! Your new granddaughter is precious and I know you enjoyed your time with her. Take care!

  20. oh so sweet.. congratulations.


  21. Congratulations! So cute :) Singapore looks lovely and interesting, great pictures...
    Have a happy day, take care.
    Love from Titti

  22. I loved seeing your photos of your trip. CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of your darling granddaughter!

  23. Wow!

    What took you to Singapore?

  24. Congradulations! That must have been such an exciting trip. I marvel at it - what everyone is doing in Singapore for entertainment. You must want to go back soon to see such an adorable baby - minus the jet lag. I hope you are feeling better again.

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