Saturday, April 7, 2018

April is here!

Yes April is here! We haven't however seen any April showers but rather beautiful snow falling with huge cottony flakes. It can be a bit upsetting for some who wished that Spring was here already. Well, we can't control the weather but we can get busy with crafts and other projects indoors. I am trying to learn to knit. It will be lots of mistakes along the way but let's see if I can learn it.  I had to laugh how the edges are silly. The first stitch is always a bit loose since I still have not got that "learned" yet. I am learning via Youtube.
 I ordered a few books and got two of them. A doctor friend of mine got the Million Of Cats for her grandson and she mentioned it has a good message. The other seen at Julia's Bookbag. I got another sampler from Alicia Paulson.
 This little girl just learned to smile! The world needs more smiles I would say!
 I just got my order from Nastia Sleptsova. Her art is just lovely!
 The brooch is so cute.
 Orchid from the Orchid gardens at the botanical gardens in Singapore.
 Nastia included some gifts that I loved it. She sent two cards (in the right of photo.)
 The print is 16 -1/2" by 11-1/2" and I will have to look for a frame. Any idea where they have gorgeous frames?
 I'm using the brooch with my old wool coat since this fabric is more forgiving with the pin puncture than my other coats.

 Infor about Ms. Sleptsova.
 Waiting for Spring
We watched two movies these past days. "The Age Of Innocence" which had superb acting!
We both loved "A Man Called Ove."   See trailer here. We rarely buy movies  because we watch them via Netflix but I would like to buy that one. Just an incredibly great movie! Have you seen any great movies lately?
Take care and thanks for stopping by!
Angela    xo


  1. Look at your granddaughter smiling... she is adorable! That orchid is so pretty. I seem to never have much luck with getting those to re bloom. Hope you are having a nice weekend!

  2. I looked up Nastia Sleptsova. Wow! Her stuff is so cute!

  3. Your little sweetie is adorable!

    That movie about Ove looks really good. I’ll look for it.

    Good luck with the knitting!

  4. So you have been all the way to Singapore to meet your new granddaughter! Congratulations on being a grandmother. You will really enjoy Ellie.... but at the moment she is so far away, but perhaps not for ever. You cards and brooch and the picture you got in the mail are beautiful!
    I hope Spring arrives soon, I have been cold for too long! It is snowing a little bit here although no snow on the ground today.

  5. Lovely smile! And the lovely color brings your knit :) Great when spring comes.

  6. Aww!! she is so, so adorable.. Hope spring will come very soon to you ..


  8. Don't often get a chance to watch movies anymore but when I do I tend to pick and old black and white. I hope the knitting lessons are going well. I have been knitting 40+ years but still think there is lots I can learn. Mastering crochet at the moment. Know the basics trying to master the more advanced now.

    Mitzi x

  9. OMG!! she is so adorable. Chuuby cuteee!!! God bless her !!
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  10. Oh your granddaughter is such cute little angle dear Angela!!!!!!!

    My dear mom made me learn knitting young but i was so stubborn for not learning it as i had no interest in girlish hobbies ,instead i would be rather tomboy to play around carefreely :0
    i still know how to knit but can't make various designs only simple straight knitting !

    i wish your area get the beauty of spring soon and you may have so many colourful blooms around:)

    Thank you for the link i absolutely LOVED the Ove ,incredible movie

    I am fan of michelle pfeiffer and saw "age of innocence long time ago ,it was great movies ,so well made

  11. Nothing sweeter than a smiling baby...and I used to read Millions of Cats!! I had totally forgotten about that book. Ah, great memories!!

  12. So cute :) Lovely cards and thing´s there too...
    Still very cold here and it´s been a looooooong winter so I really waiting for the spring now.
    Have a happy week!

  13. Sweet smiles on a sweet baby. I could sit and watch the smiles and here them coo all day long.
    I love the cards. The brooch is really nice and will so good on a wool coat. Brooches are what I like to wear also on my coats or sweaters.
    Thank you for movie ideas, we haven't been watching to much lately except for British t.v. with old re runs of Midsomer and just finished watching "the grand" which was a series set back in the early 1920's in England about the running and the goings on in a beautiful old hotel.
    It's very chilly here and I guess we'll just hop on into a dry hot Summer. Happy Week End, betsy

  14. "The Age Of Innocence" es una de mis películas favoritas, un amor imposible pero que nunca terminó. Tu nieta es una preciosidad. Happy weekend :))))))

  15. Hello, Angela, so nice to catch up with you here. Your little grand-baby is just too precious, and what a sweet, keepsake photo, too. Your knitting is coming along nicely - I've always wanted to learn. I can crochet, but not knit. Your brooch is wonderful and the pretty artwork, too. So unique. I do hope that you have some spring weather soon. I think it has been a late spring everywhere. Ours has stalled after a brief warming spell and we are still using the wood-stove. I am always looking for good movies to buy - thank you for the recommendations. I hope that you have a nice weekend full of simple pleasures. xx Karen

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    I believe there are many who feel the same satisfaction as I read this article!
    I hope you will continue to have such articles to share with everyone!

  17. Oh that smile is so precious!
    What a lovely print and brooch.

  18. Thanks so much for your visit to my favourite recipes. Hope you enjoy the Tuna and Cheese with Pasta. Love your post and what a happy smiling face. Have a good week Diane

  19. A beautiful smile on such a beautiful little person. What a pretty brooch xx

  20. Hi Angela, I wanted to let you know that I put the link to the baby sweater instructions at the end of my previous post, if you want to check back! xo Karen

  21. Mesmerizing pictures, those flowers are so beautiful.
    Happy week end.