Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Not much going on around here. We are still waiting for Spring to be finally here. There is a possibility of some snow today.
A "home" has been built in the trees in the backyard.
Papaya and banana smoothie. I love this for breakfast!
 A book box from . This is the British book box. She also has boxes for kids.
 My breakfast in the making. Tea from India, my son-in-law travels to India periodically.
 The cross stitch is coming along. A book for the granddaughter. Great illustrations!
 Tea and cake at the Tokyo airport with our Japanese friend Megumi and family.
 The geese fly very high on top of our houses.
 In Singapore....about 15 feet high or more.

 Oh the vastness of ND.
 Had to add some color here. From Singapore.
Recipe for Japanese cake
We're waiting for days when our feet aren't so cold. We're still enjoying Midsomer's Murders and Father Brown (new series.) I have also started Cedar Cove via Netflix although it's not my husband's favorite. I also started seeing EscapeTo The Country and it's like House Hunters. It's in England and they give a history of the place and also keep things real which I truly appreciate. The views one gets to see it's just marvelous.  Hope you are all doing well!! Sending a hug!! Blessings!
Angela  xoxo


  1. It’s still cold here too and we’re eagerly anticipating Spring.. so much that I’m imagining ( Ha Ha) .. I’m with you on the Midsomer Murders and father Brown ( Love them) How exciting to get a tea brew from India and then enjoy a Tokyo tea cake ..I know that they are delicious as I lived there for 5 years( Yummy)...It looks like you are keeping yourself very busy and happy... with your knitting, cross-stitch( lovely) and pictures... often I enjoy the childrens books more than my own ( ha Ha) .. Thanks for sharing ... ENJOY your day ..Hugs

  2. We are waiting for days when our feet aren't so cold either. Your Singapore and book pictures are a lovely contrasted again the spring (winter...hahaha) snow! Enjoy your inside adventures!

  3. Vast landscape in ND for sure.

    Love he beautiful variety in this post, Angela.

  4. What's in the smoothie?

    And the cake!!! YUM.

    1. The smoothie is just banana, papayas and some milk. No sugar. The cakes , the one we got at the airport in Tokyo was chocolate. The cake in last photo was mango from a bakery near her place in Singapore. She had a couple of other cakes, all delicious!

  5. Lovely to see all of your pretty hand-works and delicious-looking treats. Singapore sounds so tropical and warm right now. I love children's books - the illustrations are so delightful. Love seeing all the returning geese. Hope you get some warm sunshine soon. xx Karen

  6. You always stay so busy with your crafting, gorgeous cross stitch!! Love the pictures of spring flowers in Singapore! Lovely way to start the morning with a smoothies, and what a nice cup of tea from India! Hope spring comes to your world soon!!!

  7. Lovely photos! For some reason, the one that shows the vastness of ND caught my attention. Have you read Prairie Fires? It's a biography of Laura Ingells Wilder, but also of the Upper Midwest during her lifetime. There's a lot of ND history in it.
    Still loving your cross stitch!

  8. My husband is always looking for good thought provoking children's books to read to the grandchildren. You have some fine handwork shown here on your blog. I like seeing what you are working on. Thank you so much for the cake recipe, I am definitely going to make this one!
    Looks so good.

  9. The smoothy looks very yummy and healthy..

  10. What a nice and sunny post!
    Have a blessed weekend! <3

  11. Your smoothie looks really yummy! I didn’t order Julia’s Spring box, but it looks amazing! I bet the Queen Anne tea is delicious. I love tea hot or cold. I ordered the hygge box and it was wonderful. And I’m on the list for the summer box. Can’t wait for that one! Cedar Cove is a great show. I watched it on Hallmark a few years ago. I also love Escape to the Country. It’s my new favorite show! I hope Spring arrives for you soon!

  12. My husband and I love "Escape to the Country" and watch that and also "Escape to the Continent" on YouTube. I am a huge lover of all things European. I do think it is in my blood because I would be so happy living in the countryside in one of those cozy "chocolate box" cottages. :)

  13. I hope spring comes soon. We're so tired of the snow. Nice end of April :)

  14. what a healthy and inviting breakfast dear Angla!

    hope spring is almost around my friend !

    indian tea must be great as India is our closest neighbour and our teas are almost same in variety!

    food on airport looks appealing !

    hope your dear daughter and granddaughter are doing fine Angla!

    either we (me and hubby) every night watch some interesting series and movies together and by doing so i realised our interests and conversations are raising more .

    best wishes for you and family!

  15. The sun is out.. it's finally warm out.
    I hope it's spring there where you are too.
    Look at all those lovely goodies :)

  16. Always so nice visiting your lovely blog :)
    Have a great weekend, take care...

  17. The papaya and banana smoothie sounds lush. The book box sounds intriguing, may have to treat myself xxx Funnily enough I have been having a marathon session of Escape to the country this afternoon as some old episodes have been on the Home chanel here in the UK today :) xxx

  18. Hope you are now getting some spring! We have moved right on into summer here in Ga!

  19. I've watched a few episodes of "Escape to the Country" and I loved seeing the old houses!

  20. Me ha gustado tu blog mas amenudo lo visitare.