Thursday, November 1, 2018


 It seems to be all about Ellie. will be a whole year before she will be back here again. We loved having her and miss her already.
 We visited two different apple orchards in two different states. We love to visit orchards this time of the year. We had great apple dumplings, apple pie and hot apple cider in Iowa.

 We went to a craft festival and Ellie was sure she should get a bit of her mom's corn.

 I continue to make more of these narrow scarfs for a church project. It seems a bit narrow at 6-7 inches wide but I follow what they told me to do. These are going to a conference in Minneapolis.

The pumpkin patch was lovely. I got a few pumpkins and make roasted pumpkin soup. I have also made pumpkin pie and pumpkin bars.

 They had lots of things for kids to do.

I finished the dress but will have to send it via mail. 

This has been a very weird Autumn in some ways but the world goes as it must. 
Hope you find time to enjoy a cup of something warm in your hands, joy and contentment.