Friday, August 31, 2018

September is here

I can hardly believe that September starts tomorrow! That is how life passes right in front of our eyes. The schools have already started around here and a lot of the wheat has been harvested. We had cooler days however this week we will have days a couple days nice and warm. I just looked and it says it's 78 degrees Fahrenheit (about 25 degrees Celsius) outside but it will gets cool in the evenings.
I don't have a pattern for the little bunny. I made it from my imagination. Embroidered on face since it's for a young child and needs to have no buttons of other removable parts.
 Got my order from Alicia Paulson. I really like the lotion bar.

 My lantanas did pretty well. Someone said they had it growing like weeds at her place. Well...I wish it was the case here. I had to pay plenty for two plants. Unfortunately it doesn't show that gorgeous shade of peach in photos.
 It is all done!!

 I made some chokecherries syrup for pancakes.

 Our neighbors have a couple horses in their land now and we can see them from our place. I walked closer to get a photo.
 Son is home with us and will stay till he gets the bar exam done and then he will try to get a job somewhere else. Thin plastic as table cover since we will have our grand baby visiting soon and we can count on spills.
 Made pesto with our abundance of basil.
 Loving these pink hydrangeas in front yard.
 Gifts for granddaughter
 Toys now a days are not all that different than the ones from my time. My grandma made some rag doll by hand that were relatively similar to this cat. I love dolls when I was little. What was your favorite toy as a child?

 Sometimes life is a bowl full of cherries.
 That is what we see when we are heading out of town.

May you have a wonderful September. We plan on a visit to an orchard and a country festival this month. Pumpkin buying and making pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, and many other recipes with pumpkin. Of course there will be lots of soups since we all love soups and "soup season" has started!
May your life have quiet moments, beautiful sunsets and lots of love! May the Lord be with each one of you!
P.S. If you new visiting here please leave a link to your blog or other sites you may have. I would love to visit your site.


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Beautiful Sunny Days!

I'm not a good patient and have been looking at screens against docs orders. Well...I'm not too bad I think. We had a lovely vacation by the lake in MN and that so relaxing.
Pattern is Spring Flowers Shawl by Pattern Paradise.

Take time to be with nature in silence.

The beginning of the Spring Flowers shawl.
 I finished the toddler quilt I got from Alicia, laid here in the guest bedroom double bed so you can see the size is large enough for toddler or a lap quilt.
 I tried adding a label just because it was cute. I am only making this for my granddaughter and not for sale.

 Our cabin at the lake.
 Some of the flowers back home
 Flowers at home
 Peace at the lake
 The cabins at the lake
One can't be in MN without spotting one of these.
I'm enjoying our flowers and vegetable garden (even if it's tiny.) I am reading The Lost Princess by George MacDonald. It's the second time I am reading it. Everyone that has kids or grandchildren should read this. It's a great book. We continue to watch our regular Netflix program. We finished the first season of Broadchurch. I found it depressing so I'm not sure if I want to continue to watch another. Any idea for something lighter ? We are also watching Poldark and that one I have been really enjoying.  
Hope you're enjoying your days despite the issues this planet has.  May the peace that surpasses all understanding be with you. Ph. 4-7
Take care,

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

June still

Hard to believe June is about over! Hope everyone is enjoying life and this marvelous weather. Of course there are worries. Our land in Iowa is so flooded that it causes worries.  However this helps to easy one's mind : "Don't worry about anything instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done." Phl 4:6.
I used the pattern from mina dress for the upper part and will use this fabric for the skirt part. Hope it will be ok. The yarn is, "I Love This Cotton."
 Banana, almond milk, protein powder and blueberries. I read that blueberries are good for the brain.
 My lovely potted peach color Lantanas.
 Afternoon tea and a treat.
 Projects and readings

 In Iowa
 Iowa - mom-in-law's flowers.
 Iowa cardinal
 mom-in-law's backyard
 view from her front door. It looks so green with all the rains they had.
 Done, finally got the pixie cap done for granddaughter and will send it soon so they may use it for photos. You can make this to give as a gift to a new mom, it's very easy to make. Pattern here.
 Rhubarb custard pie links here and here. I decided to place the rest of the batter in the pie but I don't recommend anyone to do that. It got it wayyy too full.
 Now that this tree in front of the house is flowering it's full of bees and other insects.
 The tree that attracts bees!
 Some of potted plants
 In my herb garden
 somewhere by front door...I have weeded it since this photo.

Wishing you a lovely end of week and peaceful 4th of July for those who are in the US.