Saturday, April 20, 2019


We have sunshine and nice temperature. It's 69 degrees right now. I can hardly believe it. I went for a short walk to see the lake. I hoped to see a few birds. There was no birds around. The ditches are full of water and I could hear the frogs in concert and a rooster in a house somewhat near.

 One of the first flowers of Spring on North side of the house.
 The lake
 Picking cards to send to our missionaries overseas.
Banana bread
 One of the first flowers of Spring
 British daisy
Great dressing for potato salad or Macaroni salad.

 This is not a lake but someone's field. We had way too much snow this year!
 Last year hydrangeas.
 Swiss Chard, I hope it grows enough here in this egg cartoon. This is my first time attempting to grow seeds like this. I love this vegetable and so does my daughter and I had none in the garden when she came for a visit. I couldn't find it anywhere around!! So, hopefully this year...
 In this photo I need a girl with red hair, braids and straw hat waiting for Matthew Cuthbert to come and pick her up.
 We see lots of this when we drive to the fitness center in a town nearby. I love the vastness and blue sky.
 A farm nearby...the road to the entrance is completely under water.
 This is the closest I got to the Snow Geese.
 Nice farm house nearby
 Handsome ....I know that in reality he didn't look like this but this is a great image!
 I liked this commentary....even if our temples burn down we must not worry..."we are ourselves houses of prayer."
 I will try...It's so cute!  By Alicia Paulson
 I just had to get it....I got it used so will pass on to another person. I used to live by a great library once upon a time and could gets books without having to buy everyone of them but now I live in the middle of nowhere so I have to buy books. Thank goodness for Amazon used books.
 My daughter read The Chronicles Of Rebecca and Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm when she was younger and she was telling me she it from her grandma's library. I went to Amazon and found it. Not only I found it but I have found one of these old ones like the ones she read at grandma's house. She will be happy to get both books as a gift!
 It's impossible to take any photos of geese or ducks flying around here because they fly so incredibly high!
 Miss this place!!

May you have a happy Easter!!!    He is risen!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

April snow storm

A big snow storm is roaring outside, the wind is blowing hard and it's a bit cold but not horribly cold. It's about 28 degrees. God is good all the time Psalm 31:19  says he stores up goodness for those who fear, revere, and worship him.  With these promises we know to trust that great Spring days are ahead.
Table runner made by friend Becky. I love to have this on my table for it reminds me of Becky.
 Brownies , I made this recipe but used Cacau Barry.
 Our sign that Spring is coming...a day ago...poor birds wonder they are hiding today.
Love this Robin illustrated by Beatrix Potter

 Apple Sharlotka

 Dreaming of Spring

 Son cooked and when he cooks he makes exotic food. This is Srimp Kahari.  He also made Chicken Aloo.
 Early AM only a couple of days ago.
 Salt lamp...I heard it's good for your health...skeptical.
 Apple Sharlotka.   Lots of  apples on this cake.
 Made granola, I missed it since last year.
 Photo of the storm roaring outside right now. 
 When we know right, we can choose to do right . We must learn God's word and by it learn his will and his ways.   (I John 2:29)

Hope this is a good week for us all. May the Lord bless each one of you.

Monday, April 1, 2019


It's April however around here Spring really starts sometime in May.  I heard that a town nearby was to get a small amount of snow yesterday. Gladly to report that we did not got any snow yesterday.
It has been cloudy and temps above 30 degrees. 
The first minutes of the morning.  Every morning comes fresh, a reminder for us that we have every day a chance to be a better person.
Steel cut oats with brown sugar, dry coconut and dry cherries which are good to regulate female hormones.

 On the way to the village.
 Near here an old garage with moss

 The lake

 His words:

 I really like baby shoes...went on a couple of stores and bought a few outfits and shoes for the munchkin!
 Those buds will be turn into lovely leaves
 The lake
Life is better with a sister? Sometimes they fight but most of the time they cuddle.
 I continue to work on these and the white blanket
 Someone had this in facebook
Hope April will be a cheerful month! May it bring happiness and good health.