Monday, February 11, 2019

Snow days and Happy Valentine's Day!

Snowy days and Happy Valentine's Day! I find myself without energy to make much for Valentine's Day. I plan on giving my husband a nice card and make a nice meal for us. I have been feeling weird ever since I took the shingles vaccine and a flu vaccine at the same time. Whau, one can have weird side effects it seems. I hope little by little it will go away! I have been reading, embroidering and doing some crochet. I had deleted a few of my previous post, specially the posts with photos of kids or the ones that shows the face closer. I discovered that some malicious and inappropriate web sites where visiting my blog. It's sad that blogger don't care about that. This upsets me greatly. It's a crazy planet we live in. Today we also found out that "people" broke into one of our churches in the country and stole all they had that were of value, electronic equipment and such. Even tiny churches in the middle of nowhere can be targeted. I know it seems hard to believe that and it's not an incredible tale, for it did happened today.

 In our way to a small town somewhat nearby.  That is what we see from the car. Yes indeed it's a white world.
 When we got to that town we see that they are like us just covered in snow.
 We watched the movie " A Wrinkle In Time" which is based in the book by Madeleine L'Engle. It's based in a religious book. It's about free will. She broke control by love. We read the book but of course wanted to see the movie.
 Beautiful special effects.

 Seen by the car. We have at the moment 13 degrees ( -10 Celsius.) which is very nice.
This town has the cutest train station...I will someday take photos.

 Green tea is one health thing I like to have however I only have a cup about once or twice a week. I love it with full fat powder milk (although not always) and some honey.  I know I'm weird.
 Son made some homemade bread using this method here.
 We also saw the movie "The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society." We both love it. I read the book but I really enjoyed the movie.
 Those poor cows out there looked so cold.
 Daughter asked me to make some Christmas stockings. I didn't had time last Christmas but I'm working on them now.  She wanted it handmade.  I plan on having the first letter of their name embroidered on each stocking. Nothing fancy but more country looking. Fingers crossed it will turn out ok. I will show you when it's all done.

 Buckwheat pancakes is something I really like for breakfast. I got some really nice maple syrup when we were in Maine last year and it went very well with this.

Wishing you a lovely Valentine's Day and keep warm if you live in the North US. It' snowing right now and tonight it will fall plenty.


  1. I'll have to watch "A Wrinkle In Time", sounds like a good movie.
    Sorry to hear about the church break-in's. My theory is, perpetrator(s) are never held responsible. Even if they are found guilty. The law never follows through with whatever sentencing is given. Sorry it just makes me upset that people are let to get away with preying on others.
    So nice to have someone (your son) baking bread. It looks so yummy and I bet the fragrance is divine.
    Take care, be well, and keep warm.
    PS. Hope the effects of the double vaccinations go away soonest.
    On a different note. I love the alphabet you've chosen for the Christmas stockings. Puts me in mind of Victorian script.

    1. I want to finish those stockings soon so I can send to daughter. Thank you for your visit and comment!!

  2. That last photo is gorgeous!

    It is sad how someone could steal from a small community church like that. It is discouraging for sure.

    1. Yes it is indeed discouraging but the people of God goes on!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Angela! I hope you are feeling better from the vaccines soon. That's too bad what blogger is allowing to take place. I've often thought about making my blog private and inviting only blog friends that I know (like you) to visit. I'm sad to hear that someone broke in your church today. That's just really terrible to hear. Your pancakes look yummy, and so does your son's homemade bread. Your Christmas stockings are coming along just beautifully. I'd love to have a stocking like that! Stay warm and enjoy your yummy Valentine's Day dinner!

  4. Hi Angela, beautiful, snowy photos! Oh, it does look so cold. I am looking forward to spring and I'm sure you are, too. Love your pretty crochet and embroidery. So delicate. The bread looks delicious. I'm so sorry about the invasion on your blog and the break-in. My blog was taken over once, when I first started it and I had a hard time convincing Blogger that I was the real me! I'm much more careful now and I don't use birth dates, last names or name my town. It's sad, but we have to protect ourselves. I hope you feel better from the vaccines and that your weather warms up soon. Happy Valentine's Day! xo Karen

    1. Unfortunately I deleted all other pages...but they have taken time to go through every page I have in this blog. Oh whau, I must be so INTERESTING!!

  5. Dear Angela. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment. I shall enjoy following your blog and getting to know you. I'm sorry to hear that you have had weird symptoms from the double vaccines and hope you feel better soon. Stay warm with all that snow you are experiencing right now. You capture the snowy scenes so well and the buildings stand out. Wishing you a peaceful day.

    1. Thank you!! I truly enjoyed your blog as well!!

  6. Happy Valentine's Day! Today coffee was served in the city for Valentine's Day. You also have a lot of snow.

  7. Coffee with the community sounds wonderful! Thank you for your visit!

  8. Dear Angela I am sorry that you been feeling dull due to sideeside effects of vaccines.

    Yet this is great that you managed to celebrate love day with your hubby :)

    May you see many more together!

    Theft in church sounds dreadful!

    Yes we live on planet where crazier people are more than people with healthy minds

    I am sure your daughter will have beautiful stocking as you are so beautifully skilled in your art:)

    Loved the tea and pankack

    Snowy sights you captured are magical yet little barren

    Wishing you happy spring days ahead with delightful sunrays!