Saturday, February 29, 2020

March 2020

March is here,

Last year March brought a horrible snow storm. We lost our sweet neighbor a day after the storm. He was cleaning snow from the top of the roof. I had never seen anyone removing snow from the top of their roofs till I saw our neighbor doing it. We don't do it! Do you? Anyway...March it is and we hope for the best. March always brings one more snow storm but maybe this year will be different. We always count with the grace of God.

This tea is wonderful!!This is Bohea tea. My sister-in-law was in Boston and visited the Boston Tea Part Ships and Museum. She had asked me what type of tea I like. I told her bold, dark and with a light smoky flavor. This is it!!! Pekoe black tea blend -lightly smoked! The company is Oliver Pluff and co.
Made a few of the white squares 

Chai Rooibos is one of my favorite tea besides black tea. Rooibois  , This tea is a herbal tea that contains antioxidant and helps to reduce inflammation. Pistachios and almond to help that too.
Mr. Basil Fox now has a new Winter coat. I think my granddaughter will like it. Mr. Basil Fox and also the Winter outfit is from Alicia Paulson.  Got both as kits. There is yarn that comes with the coat kit to make a scarf and a sweater that I will have to make it in crochet since I don't knit.

I don't get new clothes often, but If I give one way for recycle I may get a new one if need. I gave a few of my clothes away due to my middle age (old age)  spread and now can't fit in some of my clothes. 
I don't know who invented Bruschetta but whoever did it was a genius!! I love it!!!  Bruschetta Casa Di Oliva.   I got the Roasted Pepper and Artichoke and also Tomato and Olive. My favorites!

Apple Sharlotka   I have used this recipe over and over.  Every time I wonder what to do with apples besides apple crispy this is the recipe that I always use.

Hand embroidery from Brazil. The two hand towels on top are done in Linen and the cross stitched sweet little cows are done in Aida cloth and cotton towel.
Proverbs 1:29
Cheese Bread
Got this from Alicia and I'm now finally working on it.
I pray to our good Father and our creator with reverence and thankfulness. This planet he created and let's us visit is indeed a very small place! Corona virus is there (China) one day and it's here the other. We pray this will pass soon. 
For those who commemorate St. Patrick's Day, I wish you a happy St. Patrick's Day!!
Love and peace,


Thursday, February 6, 2020

February 2020

The trip to Brazil was uneventful. The weather here was great when we got back which helped since we still had a few hours drive from Chicago home. I pray for blessings during this month however I pray first that I may be a blessing to others during this month.

In the interior of the state first.
Facade of a very old house, they want to sell it. This house was built in the 1950's. It will be demolished and this photo is going to be the only thing left as a memory of days gone by.
Facade of a very old building downtown. One of the last ones of it's time left intact. There isn't any restoration or preservation going on that I heard of.
Grain market
Fruit market

On the way to the animal market

The aroma of the ripe fruits was delicious. I got a very big passion fruit (in the center.)
Saint Joseph's Cathedral's undergoing repairs and re-modeling inside.
They keep going with the repairs and remodeling.

Time for coffee.

 Brazilian cat.
 Small town in the interior
 In the capital of the state, we went to a big shopping center with 8 levels to go up and down for those who have time and energy.

 From this balcony we enjoyed a nice view of the ocean. Nice breeze.

We walked here for exercise in the morning.
Making's still Winter around here.

Peace and love!