Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nominated and you might be too!

I have been nominated!
Estou nomeada! (Em Portugues logo apos do que esta em Ingles.)
Liebster means :

" Liebster, as a word, is German and means: sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. What a lovely word!"

My friend Theresa from : 
has nominated me for the Liebster Award. I have then nominated some of you if you have less than 200 followers as asked by the rules. 
 Minha amiga Theresa me nominou. Va ate o fim deste poste pra ver as reglas em Portugues. Sao pras que tem menos de 200 seguidores. 

Here are the Rules:

- Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.

- They must also answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for them.

- They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.

- They must then choose 11 bloggers to tag with less than 200 followers.

- These lucky bloggers must be told.

                                                   - There are NO TAG BACK

Here are the 11 things about me: (I tried to answer those questions that were at Theresa's blog.)
Aqui esta 11 coisas sobre me: (Tentei responder o que estava no blog da Theresa.)  

1-I am a Brazilian / American    (Sou Brasileira/Americana.)
2- I have several hobbies :  Gardening, crochet and photography are my favorites (I am not an expert in any of them :) )     (Tenho varios hobbies: jardinagen, crochet e fotografia sao meus favoritos (Nao sou cheia de sabedoria em nenhum deles.)
3- I really don't have a favorite author.   (Nao tenho um autor favorito, gosto de muitos.)
4- In terms of literature I like both fiction and nonfiction.   (Em termos de literature gosto de ficcao e nao ficcao. )
5- I don't look for just one trait in a good friend or prospect friend. However it is nice if that person would have a solid group of good traits in her personality.  (Nao olho so pra uma boa caracteristica em uma amiga. Entretanto e muito bom se a pessoa tem um groupo solido de boas carecteristicas de personalidade.)
6- My favorite scent is BVLGARI  Pour Femme.  I have used for some many years.   (Meu perfume favorito e BVLGARI pour Femme. Tenho usado o mesmo por varios anos.)
7- I like to travel more than to stay at home.   (Gosto mais de viajar do que estar em casa.)
8- Yes, I do believe in miracles!   (Sim, acredito em milagres.)
9- I do not have a favorite musician, I used to think I had one or two but now I am old and have see so many talent out there, can't pick up just one.  (Nao tenho um cantor ou musico favorito, antes pensava ssim entretando agora estou mais velha e vi muitos talentos por ai entao e dificil de escolher um.)
10- My favorite piece of clothing is a pair of soft flannel pajamas pants.   (Minha roupa favorita e um par de pijamas de flanela.)
11- My favorite thing to do in a day off is to stay in bed a bit longer.  (Fico na cama mais tarde nos dias livres.)

Here are those I nominated,   (The others all have more than 200 followers!) 

Aqui estao as que eu nominei (As outras todas tem mais de 200 seguidores!)

1 -
Kathleen has a fantastic blog with gorgeous photos of Canada. 
Another lovely blog from Canada! Evelyn is delightful.
Sophie is in England and what a marvelous blog she has!! Her photos are indeed lovely.
4-    Sue describes her blog : "A grandmother diary and recollection for her family."  You must see the bunny she has!! What a cutie!
I am sure that Andi a lot more than 200 followers but I wanted to include her here too. She is a very talented knitter and crochet artist. Her creations are brilliant!
6- This one is written in Portuguese but the writer also speaks English. Very creative, always has some craft idea to do and she makes beautiful things.
7-   This one is also from Brazil, so it is in Portuguese. She loves crochet like I do.
Em Portugues. Sylvia e bem talentosa e seu blog e bem divertido. 

Here are the questions for the bloggers I tagget:

1-  What is your favorite hobby? (Qual e o seu hobby favorito?)
2- What is your favorite vacation spot? (Qual lugar de ferias e o favorito?)
3_ Your favorite author? (Voce tem um autor favorito?)
4_ Is there a movie you have seen recently that you just loved it? (Viu algun filme ultimamente que voce adorou?)
5- What moves you? (Qual coisa la emociona?)
6-What is your favorite scent? (Qual e seu perfume favorito?)
7- What do you usually do on the weekends or day off ? ( O que faz voce nos fins de semana ou dias feriados?)
8- What is your favorite piece of clothing? (Qual pesa de roupa e a mais favorita?)
9- Do you have a favorite song? (Voce tem uma musica favorita?)
10-Do you believe in miracles? (Acredita em milagres?)
11- What personality trait do you love about your best friend? (Qual caracteristica gosta da personalidade de sua melhor amiga?)

Reglas em Portugues:
1- Cada pessoa nomeada deve falar de 11 coisas sobre voce mesma.
2-Deve responder 11 perguntas da pessoa que nomeou voce.
3-Deve criar 11 perguntas pra voce nomear.
4-Deve escolher 11 bloggers pra nomear que tenham menos de 200 seguidores.
5- Ninguem deve nomear voce de volta. Nao se pode nomear de volta.



Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mary and Nick's blog

Mary and Nick's blog-

  Daughter and son-in-law added a new post about their honeymoon in Brazil, I liked the photos. Link :

Portugues :  Filha e genro adicionarm outro poste sobre a lua de mel em Brazil. Gostei das fotos.

Link : 

To share some fun things I found:

*This (esse vestido). Esse vestido.  dress 
*This. Essa bolsa. bag
*Saw this in Pinterest , this blogger has. Boas ideas.  useful tips  
*Love this tiny necklace .  Amei essa gargantilha   necklace