Wednesday, October 28, 2015

                                             Cooler days and time for projects

                                                             October 28, 2015

These seemed to simple and easy to make that I gave it a try. We have young ones in the family that could use some extras. The kids loose these so easily that is a good thing to have extras.  Below is a photo of how it's made.  After I did the sewing on one side and in the bottom I will turn inside out and use a small piece of the same material to tie the whole fringe together and voila!!  Sorry the quality of the photo.  It has been cloudy in here and I took these outdoors but still the photo looks dark. We got our first snow of the season today but it melted upon hitting the ground.                                           
Crochet hats for our nephew's little girl.

 This decorative apple tree is in front of the church in a nearby community and they told me that the birds eat them when Spring come. It stays in the tree the whole Winter and somehow it must ferment and the birds act funny after they eat them, that is what a lady from church informed me. That is extraordinary I thought. They look like tiny pumpkins growing in a tree. :)
 Here is the whole tree - decorative apple.

Our gray skies in North Dakota.

 Hope your Autumn has been cozy and wonderful!!


Monday, October 19, 2015

How The Day goes

 Drinking lots of warm tea and enjoying the cool weather.

The trees behind the house.

I now know for sure that my three favorite teas are Masala Chai, Camomile and Cinnamon Spice.What are your favorite teas? One of the ladies from church brought us an apple cake that is pretty delicious! I will ask her for the recipe.


Someone I know loves to be on tops of beds!! Problem is mommy doesn't like cat hair all over!
 Lately I have been in love with chai tea! Our daughter who is living in India gave us this marvelous chai and also the tea pot. The tea came in a very beautiful package with a cloth around it. However for easy handling I placed it in this small ball jar with one of the labels attached to the jar. This tea pot is made from a special type of stone that has healing properties. The tea inside the teapot will absorb the healing properties. They grind these stones and make the tea pot from the grinded stone. I would hope to see something like this at some import store in the US someday.  I hope never to break this one, but disastrous like I can be ...

 A close up of the tea pot made of stone , from India.

These leaves got so dark that I prefer to call this tree a Halloween tree. This is right behind our house in a small park the city has there.

I love this story
I also love Andi and her beautiful knitting.

Wishing you a great week !


Tuesday, October 6, 2015


It has been a good Autumn!

We got a few foggy days then the fog lifted and it has been so nice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

I made some pesto with all that basil we had. I'm sure that I could eat pesto three times a day. Basil is very good for your health. It offers DNA protection, it has anti-bacterial properties and anti-inflammatory and it also helps the cardio vascular system.

 The recipe is from  . I used sunflower instead of pine nuts. It's much more affordable.

My husband likes it with a slice of his homemade whole wheat bread.

Autumn is also a time for festivals and I went to one with a lady from church. We had fun and even purchased a few things. The food was great.

This booth had soy candles that smelled pretty delicious. I do not like it too strong and they had some that were a bit more toned down. Pumpkin spice was actually very nice and so was the vanilla. The fragrance that had more of a presence was from these potpourri. 

They had cappuccino scent in those smaller scent cubes. My friend is checking them.

 These garden decorations were sure pretty to look at.

 Recycle big time! Made with plates, candle holders, saucers, etc.

 Lovely crochet!! I wanted them all of course.
 Beautiful hand made cards! We both got some of those cards and the price was less than 2 dollars which was a bargain.
 Another booth had these earrings made from wedding glass beads from Mali. They're 100 year old. It is opaque glass. The artisan and her husband bought the beads that came sort of dirty and really looking old. She cleaned them and made the earrings. I got these yellow ones. Sadly she doesn't sell online.

I needed to get out, I am new in this state and it's just fun to just get out and be with a new friend. Make memories and refresh the mind.
I had a few more things to share but I will save it for the next post.
Wishing you a lovely week!