Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas -2016

 Asked son if he would help with the pomanders and he did a good job! He came home for Christmas. It was a 9 hrs trip for him and were happy when he arrived safely. We will not have our Christmas meal and gift opening in this house till the 25th.
 He made us breakfast which was his favorite whole wheat waffles. It was a nice dark wheat.
 This cranberry Christmas cake tasted so delicious! The tartness of the cranberries really adds a mouth watering flavor. Wish I had better photos. I got the recipe here.
 My paperwhites are coming along!
 With nephews and nieces now married with little children of their own now there are more gifts to take along in the trip back home.
 Simplicity is the thing around here. The table was just for the three of us. Our daughter and husband are not going to be with us for Christmas, they are in some Island far away. They joined her in-laws and they are staying there for a couple of months. We miss her but we got to see her last October which was so good.

 Large napkins are actually smaller sack towels. I got the idea from pinterest. :)
 This is the sweet potato recipe from the new magazine from Joana and Chip Gaines. I used the disposable pan because I 'm taking this all the way to Iowa. This way I will not need to run the risk of forgetting my pans there. It's a bit far to try to retrieve them if I need it. I will freeze like this then when read to cook put in the oven for 10 min. We will celebrate with that side of the family on the 28th. The three of us here at home will have our Christmas meal tomorrow the 25th. When do you have your celebration? Share your traditions, it is interesting to hear how every family celebrates.

 A fast supper made with four different cheeses, pecorino, Kerry Gold cheese, queso fresco and Goat cheese with herbs. On bottom right two types of liver pates. Cornichons, fig spread, flat bread crackers and the bread was homemade (given to us by a friend.) It's English muffin bread. We also had herbed salami and several nuts. Lazy way to put food in the table if you're busy.

Compote of crab apple also a gift! I had never had it before and oh heavens what a delicious treat. The color is so beautiful. I am thankful for this. The friend who gave to us got it from someone else who had it homemade. I have to learn how to make it...but then where would I get the crabapples?
Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas time with loved ones. Around here we pray for ourselves but also for the world. We are keeping warm, drinking lots of hot chocolate, playing board games and enjoying each other's company.  Peace, love and joy as we prepare for the birth of Christ!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December 13

Hope this advent season has brought blessings to you! We are indeed into Winter around here. The temperatures have been pretty low. The meteorology department have been talking about the Polar Vertex is to blame for low temps all over the US. We got plenty of snow. Hope you're keeping warm this season!

 I started the little fox that I got from Alicia Paulson but have not yet made his clothes.
 This snow drift goes all around the house and it's pretty high.

 The wind was blowing for quite some time that day and this is how the road looked like.
 Enjoyed seeing this sundog in our way to the gym. Sun dogs (or sundogs), mock suns or phantom suns, scientific name parhelia (singular parhelion), are an atmospheric phenomenon that consists of a pair of bright spots on either horizontal side on the Sun, often co-occurring with a luminous ring known as a 22° halo.
 In the way to the gym, colorful sky. I called it the white, brown, blue, lavender, peach sky.
 These cuties live by the road we take to go to the gym to exercise.
 I have planted some paperwhites, the blossoms smell so good.
 I don't have the recipe for this because I got a recipe and then changed it so much that I have no idea not even which name to give to it. It did turned out pretty tasty. It has pumpkin puree and cinnamon.
 Every time I move from one country to another (which I have done a few times) I loose my cookie cutters. I got the 5 in the bottom right of the pan at a cute store that sold old and antique things in S.D.
 Star shape is so nice and goes with the thought of the "Star of Bethlehem." 
 I tried decorating some of the cookies.
The first hot chocolate of the season. I realized that I did not had a proper hot chocolate in the house so I made it with Droste, honey and plenty of whipped cream.
 Spice tea is good for you and the aroma all over the kitchen is heavenly! Don't leave the spice inside the tea for too long or it may turn a bit bitter.
 Winter wonderland!
When the days are short and we don't get to see the sun light for long hours we marvel at the sight of light that comes flooding indoors certain days.
Wishing everyone a wonderful advent season!
May the Lord bless !!


Monday, November 21, 2016

November 2016

It's about Thanksgiving. The year has passed rather quickly. The days are cooler here in ND however no snow yet and I am not complaining. I love to see some snow but it would be nicer if it stayed only for a couple of months or so. We are going to Iowa for Thanksgiving and I look forward to it. There is something nurturing and comfortable about the small town where we stay. It's so nice to be back there and see so many familiar faces. My daughter has been inquiring about making crochet stars. I made one by looking at a photo in the internet. It looks ok, don't you think?? I am curious about what she will make with her stars. A garland??? Tree ornaments? Add to the top of Christmas gifts? I 'm making a scarf and hat to donate to our church...we prepare a shoe box with some goodies for a child. I  will make these crochet items but also will add chocolates, game, puzzles and other fun things I may find.

An early Christmas gift from Japan
 A Christmas gift from Brazil....Hurray soaps...have I told you that I looove bath soaps? It is the first thing I look to buy when visiting places here in the US and abroad.
 Gift being organized to send to Brazil...there is a chocolate soap there and a cinnamon soap, these are going to my sister who also shares the love for soaps. I am ok with liquid soap but it's so nice to have your own bar of soap in your hands at bath time.
 I took a break this afternoon and made some of the tea my daughter bought from India. She was just here visiting. She did marvelous travels through India and got me some wonderful teas. I made the Sungma Second Flush this time. She also gave some Arya (Muscatle) Second Flush 2014 and Thurbo First Flush. She was pretty serious in giving me directions about which ones I can add milk and the ones I should not and also about the time to brew. One of them the brew time is just a few seconds. All I could say was whau!! The flavor is like no other. My mouth feels privileged.
 I added some milk to this and it was divine.  I will surely miss them when it's all gone and she now just moved to Singapore with her husband.
 Oh the muffins were pretty good also. Dutch Apple Pie Muffins. I got the recipe from
I love to live in a rural community where I can see cows from the front of the house. It gives me such a sense of serenity and peace. It feels like a secret "last secluded place on earth."
 That is what our trees looks like now, sleeping till next year. The sky is gray and the air is crispy.
 The farmers had a great harvest. The elevator here in town have two huge amounts of corn and soy beans in front on the ground. The many trucks are coming and going working on it.

 A Lutheran church nearby...cute to see the steeple against the gray sky.
I have cooked many dishes and have them frozen to take to Iowa for our Thanksgiving feast. We do have many things to be thankful despite the world being a bit of a sad place. I wish each one of you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


This is a crochet rug that my mom gave to my daughter.  The color is ecru. Easy to reproduce.

Below is a set of covers for toss pillows.
Most of the time I make acorn squash with brown sugar and butter in center but was so happy to try daughter's recipe. We all enjoyed it. It has rice, mushrooms and we added pecans and Parmesan cheese to the stuffing which wasn't in the original recipe. This recipe is pretty close to the one she uses at her home. I believe she found at
 In our way from the gym we saw some beautiful Fall colors.
 We made a small pre-Thanksgiving meal since daughter will not be here for that and hasn't been for the last 5 years. We had turkey breasts, fresh cranberry sauce, carrot casserole, massed potatoes, sweet potatoes casserole, homemade rolls and our favorite pumpkin pie.
 The sun from the window wasn't the best for photos.
Front of house....yeah I was have been leaning to the side when took photo.
 On side of house.
 Just a few herbs to dry.
 This is for Rhonda who wanted to see a close up of this tablecloth I had in the last photo.
 We love Anne Of Green Gables and made Marilla's Plum Tart. We have all the books and still have the old VHS that the kids had long time ago.  For recipe click here

Daughter knows that I love all kinds of bars of soaps, when I travel overseas I bring some home with me. She got this one from Turkey. Turkey baths... The coasters are part of some that I made to give as part of a bridal gift.
I hope the this beautiful Autumn finds you enjoying the weather!!