Thursday, January 14, 2016

January in cold North!

January has been good so far! 

Hope you are all having a good January and for those who live in snowy country like I do perhaps I could cheer you up by saying that Spring is almost around the corner. Ok not quite around the corner but it will be here soon for sure. We are founding out that it does get cold around here. We got temps around -15 Farenheit. I have been looking for a job and living in the middle of nowhere rural America doesn't help. The population is around 100 hab. The nearest town is about 42 min from here. I thought about looking for a "work from home job." Well...I don't even know where and how to look for these types of jobs. I am a nurse but not sure if I want to go back to that for in the past few years I have been working as an interpreter (Portuguese, English, Spanish are my languages.) I am not too happy if I will have to commute about 1.5 hrs each day to and from work. In between time I can do some fun crafts!

Mimo was checking what I had in my hands...yes I assured him it was only a camera. These sweaters are fun to make.  I got this free pattern from justcrochet. I went back there to find a link and could not find this same one which is "Free Baby Crochet Pattern Newborn Coat and Hat Set." However they have other pattern similar to this.

Coaster made from lefover yarn.
I have a desire to learn basic knitting.
I got a diffuser and love it. A friend (Kat who is brother in law ex-wife) helped me to get the essential oils. She gets them for a good price. The house is now filled with peppermint aroma. The diffuser changes color, you can have it in one set color or in constant change. Looks pretty in dark bathroom.  The essential oils are doTerra. Peppermint promotes good respiratory function, clear breathing. It promotes good digestion and repels bugs like spiders for example.
Blue is pretty.
Also had time to assemble this caleidoscope. The man who makes these is a friend of ours, Leonard Olson.  His work is incredible. During Christmas time he got almost all sold out.  You should take a look at his stuff. I walked in and a lovely aroma was in the air coming from the wood he was working on which was central American rosewood. Channel 4 _Iowa had a great article about him and his business. Facebook His link  and for the Kaleidoscope factory
A friend gifted me this adult coloring book. I decided to pick the one with smaller print and have discovered that I am late for my eyes to be checked out. It is getting harder to see. The idea of the coloring book is to help us to calm down and lower stress.
  I have made these crochet cup sleeve. It's nice to have one or so in the glove compartment. You can use all types of stiches and it will turn out cute. I have made them also with a small ribbon and tiny bow.
It was snowing today the whole day. The visibility was less than good. This was a few hours ago.
This photo was taken a couple of days ago.

May your January be peaceful!


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!!

Wishing each one of you a great 2016!

May it bring realization of dreams, good health, and lots of happiness!
We had our Christmas here in home on the 25th. The church celebrations were on the 24th.
We headed to Iowa on the 27th to have Christmas with his extended family. That house was very noisy because now our nieces and nephews have their young children. They scream playing and scream crying about one thing or another. It was however fun and very relaxing to be there with them. I made a few casseroles and took them frozen for it is over 8 hrs trip. Our daughter and her husband who live in India were unable to came for Christmas. They took vacation in the US in the Summer. For Christmas they headed to Darjeeling and other places that I have no idea at the moment how to write the names. The son went back to law school at the same time we left on Friday.
The older cousins played games like they always do at grandmothers house. There was a total of 22 people in that house including the little kids that do not appear in these photos.

TV time and a slice of pumpkin pie. We do not like whipped cream on it.
The quietness and complete stillness of this town is just great! (our town)

Pumpkin pie, sweet potato cranberry dish, scalloped corn, 3 bean dish and carrot casserole. I made just turkey breast this year along with cranberry sauce. My son bought the Panettone which is something we traditionally have for Christmas at our house. I don't have a photo of it here since I was apparently so hungry and forgot to take a few more photos.

We have snow and low temps however Spring will be here soon!

May you have a wonderful year in 2016!!  XOXO!!