Sunday, February 21, 2016


Just a Sunday Hello!!

Pork shoulder roast. I do have one of these old fashioned roaster and really like it.

 Afternoon tea today was about 4 in the afternoon. The little table is our breakfast corner in the kitchen. I keep some of the books we are reading there in a small basket and also our devotional. The A.S. Byatt and the other book are my husband's. Dark chocolate is a treat with some tea. The newspaper, I was reading what my husband wrote. He was asked to introduce himself and that long column on the right of the page was written by him. We moved here last June.

That mug is from the University of Pennsylvania where my son went to college. He graduated already and he is now in law school
  The beautifully carved wood tea box is from India, daughter Mary gave us as a gift. We have a couple of them. I am not sure what metal is used for the detail on top of box. The wood will transfer it's essence to the tea inside, she told me.
I make my own kefir so this way I make sure there is no sugar added to it as it is the case with the ones we buy at the stores. It's delicious with fresh papayas. It works good with any fresh fruit and a bit of honey if one really desires sweetness.

 Mimo, (a.k.a the neighborhood watcher) is taking a break. He is always looking out the window or asking to go outside for a few minutes.
I went out to see if I could spot any animals in nature but as you can see there was only silence and the heavy clouds keeping us under a gray veil. This lake is about 4-5 minutes walk East of the house. 
The road to the lake!

      It's relatively large and it expands to right beyond where the eye can see.
                   Looking just a bit to the right, and the lake keeps going...not an animal in sight.

                                                       We got snow this morning.

 I said: The white snow is all around, it is a white world!  My husband answered: "Well, it must make you happy since you love white."
I will go back to the camera and fix this thing of showing the date on the photos. I apologize!
I have embroidered a "T" this time. I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet. I'm just having fun. I have however ordered a few things from a master in embroidery who is Ms. Monica in Italy. When it all gets here I will show you all. She is an inspiration. If you want to take a look here is a link to her site. Monica- Link  .      
I hope you are having a great Sunday and wish you a wonderful week!! Oh watch for the moon tonight for it promises to be spectacular, and no matter where you live we are in the same earth, under the same moon!! I love to watch the moon don't you? Tonight – February 21, 2016 – the full-looking waxing gibbous moon closely partners with Regulus, the brightest star in the constellation Leo the Lion


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

It is a day dedicated to love and living in a planet that needs so much love we need to remember to pass on love to others. Give your loved ones a big hug and your attention and that is a great gift.

We plan on having such a cozy supper. I promised myself to polish and paint my nails red. He likes things kept simple. Chicken soup, The Pioneer woman has this recipe that we both love and I have made several times and instead of using a whole chicken I use chicken breasts cut up. Chocolate cupcakes. I know I do a terrible job decorating but hey it tastes good. We do plan in going to a restaurant for dinner Sunday in early afternoon for a proper celebration. Sorry for the quality of these photos. It's always so dark around here in the Winter.
Not sure if to make him a card using these little accordion hearts and ribbons which I have a few or just give him the "Monet" card. I think it is good when you create your own card. It's more personal and meaningful. It is just the two of us here and no children so we must make an effort to be romantic this Valentine's Day. I do wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!


Monday, February 1, 2016

February is here!

We have a lovely day with sunshine and the highest predicted to 32  degrees Fahrenheit! I went outdoors and it feels warm and I presume it is because the temps was on the "minus" for awhile.
Learning (again) how to do cross stich.

Tried a baked macaroni recipe.
Organizing our kids old books then I can pass on to them so they can someday use for their own kids.

 Our kids just loved "The Littles." There was also the cartoon on Saturday morning. It is so good to fill children's imagination with good books. I just got the "Tales From The End Cottage." I had seen it in someone's blog and it looked like something our kids would had loved when they were small so I got to add to their books to be passed on. It was forwarded here from England. So, did I see this in your blog??? Anyway, thank you!
 I know that in the ipad I can have lots of books but still there is a sweet feeling to hold in your hands your own book.
There you are sunshine!
No I did not made the cake but a lady from nearby who is very talented.
The neighborhood watcher.
I thought I would again give a try on the No Knead Bread.

This is my take on the lovely Jess Brown rag doll. Links here.  Facebook page.
It has not buttons so very young children can play with it. Jess Brown dolls costs over $200 dollars and they are made with vintage material. Now with her book out she let us have a chance to make our own at home.