Saturday, August 13, 2016

Lovely Days!

Tiny apples.

That is Lemon balm tea and lemon Balm plant under. The flavor is delicious. I love the herbs I have going in a corner of the garden. My tomatoes still green however a few ladies from church have given me some of their tomatoes that are already nice and ripe. The small park by our back yard is now so green and lively! I do not see a great amount of frogs out of there this year as we got it last year. Hibiscus tea is supposed to be good for your blood pressure so I make sure to have a cup a day and there is no need to add sweetener for the flavor is pleasant. The color of the tea is so pretty. The opening of the Olympics in Rio - Brazil was fantastic! Brazil had a fantastic show despite the issues that country has. It was beautiful! Good luck to all the athletes! That is crab apple, they had a lovely tree at the camp we visited as a group yesterday. The children surely had fun! The group is from our church and we passed the whole day at camp. What a beautiful place with lots of things for the children to play and have fun.  In the coffee table a few things I am currently reading. That is the first time I am reading anything by Maeve Binchy. I was looking for something light. 
Wishing for lovely Summer days for each one of you!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Rest and retreat

Retreat in Griswold, Iowa. It was a nice vacation and time to refresh our spiritual lives. Beautiful place surrounded by trees. This a Catholic retreat place. Oh so many lovely birds visited the bird feeders here. I love the hummingbirds at this place.

It was so humid that the camera lenses got foggy and it was hard to get photos that were not blurry.
 My sister in law entering our cabin. It had 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, laundry machine and drier, living room, dining room and a nice deck on the back.

 We met here in the bottom part of the building. The chapel is on the level above.
 My husband here in right corner. The lady in lavender was our evangelist. The youth bought us balloons with glow sticks inside.
 This was our music leader and she was very energetic.
 We had our meals here. Wonderful food.
 Campfire! I went indoors soon since I did not had bug spray with me. It was a bit humid too.

 Me back at home watching the sunset in the evening. No bugs, good temperature and beautiful horizon. My son the other day said: "Mom do you know you live in one of the most peaceful part of the world? " I said, yes and the silence here is precious.  Oh , and yes I am letting my hair go grey. I afraid of all the chemicals in hair products.

Summer has been good! Glorify the name of the Lord!
Wishing you a great week!