Monday, January 16, 2017

Crochet, snow and book

The Christmas Wish is a great book with mesmerizing illustrations and a sweet and tender story. The mug was a gift from our son and he got it at his Alma mater, University Of Pennsylvania. Writing some notes to friends who sent us cards at Christmas time.

 I have used this recipe for Pannukakku for a few years now. It was first published in Martha Steward Living magazine years ago.  Click here for recipe ...pannukakku  .  I was told that Finns have this on Thursdays with pea soup, any Finns out there if this isn't true please correct me here.
 Cardamon once removed from the pods are surely tiny but a very potent spice.
Although the recipe asks for a cast iron pan I do not always use my cast iron but and sometimes use this pan and it works fine.
 It's usually served with Lingonberry or Cloudberry Jam however any jam should be fine. Sorry for the mess but in this house it's the husband and me only so we go very casual most of the time.

 There is probably about one thousand people working in this same granny project right now.
 Paw prints in our walkway.

Wishing a wonderful January for everyone!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

January days

January blessings, our son had safe travels back to school. Daughter and her husband also had safe travels to and from Bali and Gili Islands. Husband has been managing the icy roads ok around here. We are thankful for these blessings! I got a Tomte (Tomten), ( Santa Claus)  It was a gift and it was said it brings good luck. I want to get the book "The Tomten by Astrid Lindgren but it seems to be unavailable now. I may have to buy a used one somewhere. The kids in the family will like it.
Back door has a cap!
 Un update on those paperwhites

This is Mungunza!! Brazilian Mungunza. I love this for breakfast! I prefer served nice and warm.  Hominy, milk, some coconut and cinnamon. The recipe will be posted below.
Brazilian Mungunza with cinnamon on top.

A few years ago a pen pal sent me a huge box full of books and newpapers from Finland when I told him I was trying to learn Finnish. I have not learned well but lately I have thought about getting to brush up a bit since I heard it is good for an aging brain to keep learning things. I have forgotten a lot of the little Finnish I had learned, which is a shame since I love that language.

Here is the recipe for Brazilian Mungunza

2 (15oz) cans of  white hominy
1 and 1/2 can of whole milk
3/4 can of sweetened condensed milk

3/4 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
1 cup thick coconut milk ( I used a can)
1 stick of cinnamon
6 cloves

Drain the hominy add the milks, the cinnamon stick, the coconut flakes, cinnamon stick and cloves to the pan and cook for 20 minutes. Stir it occasionally.  When done remove the cinnamon stick and the cloves from the pan. Transfer to serving plates or ramekins if serving as dessert. Sprinkle cinnamon on top. Serve warm or chilled. 
May your days be full of wonder and new learning opportunities!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Jan 2017!!

Welcome to 2017!!
I thought I had relatively good photos from our Christmas dinner but they are too dark and blurry. I have got a few photos of the storms that we had and all the trees around the house had branches come down. One of those branches hit the bedroom wall where my son was sleeping but it was the smaller end of the branch so there is no damage to the house. I heard the big noise as it came down, it's scarry. Hope the new year will bring above all good health but also joy, happiness and safety!

 We had a nice panettone for Christmas! I grow up in a household that did that so the tradition continues. I don't make it but we usually get ours at Walgreens. The ones I like is made in Brazil by the Bauducco co.  They can be purchased online also. The cookies are made in Canada.
 It's traditional in our house to eat pomegranates for New Year's eve. I heard that many people dry and save 7 seeds and place them in the billfold to bring good luck in the next year. Dry the peeling to use for sore throats. Make a tea and gargle the tea for soothing a sore throat.
 This was taken from the car.
 This one is from a little town by us.

Bubbling hot pan of cabbage soup! It's light and helps one to loose weight. It's cleasing with all the fiber it has. Recipe : Fat burning soup

 I have been using the crochet needle again and making some of these coasters.
I enjoy using this new tea bag holder from Stash I got along with some loose tea leaves. I have always liked Stash but got more in love with it when I read somewhere that their product is free of impurities like heavy metals and such. Andi from My Sister's Knitter has got me interested in the tea bag holder when she posted about it. I like that there is no stapples to be send to landfills and hurt the environment.

 I got a gallon of local honey and had forgotten about it till now and it was hard to get it out of the plastic jug. I didn't want to place on microwave so I had it in low on oven. I finally filled all the small jars with honey. It has the small speckles of the honey comb which is nice. Lesson here, place honey in small jars as soon as you get awhile it still liquid.
 I got some wool yarn to make a blanket. I have seen this pattern (Hensfoot or Larksfoot stich) in the internet by many people and I like it.  Jennifer has great photos in her blog here. I am enjoying this yarn and it will be nice and warm.
I have basked full but have just ordered some other colors from Knit Picks.
Do you have any crafts projects going on?? I would love to see it.
May you have a wonderful New Year!!