Thursday, February 9, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is around the corner. I no longer decorate the house as when we had small children. I do however put a few things at the table just to remind us. I love these cross stitched place mates made in Brazil. Star fruit shows up at the grocery store this time of the year.

 These sleepers came from Finland. It was a gift from a doctor that I worked with a few years ago. It was "filled" with pieces of leather, the same leather that sleepers were  made of.

 Love the delicate blossoms in Muscari.
 This is made with lamb's wool. It was handmade in Chile- SA. We lived there for 3 years. This is a bit longer than 5 feet long. It is heavy and being a bit thick so I don't use it as a rug. I had it away and this week decided to take it out to enjoy it while Winter still here.

 Showing the progress in this blanket.

 I got a few things to read. I want to make something from the Scandinavian Baking Book. I love "The Littles" deep inside I still a child. Got The Book Of Virtue for a bargain at a library book sale.
 Neighborhood watcher Mimo
 Mr. Fito
 Winter still has a presence here. We hope that in 6 weeks it will be gone. I hear that this weekend it's getting warmer and it will give us a break. It's only 6 degrees. I took awhile to post since I have been feeling weird with high blood pressure. My TSH is very low at 0.02 ( I am on Synthroid) but the nurse who cares for me simple gave me bp meds instead of finding out the reason why this tsh is so low. I am taking bp meds now but feeling dizzy. Are any of you out there on BP meds?
Happy Valentine's Day!!