Friday, March 3, 2017


We are enjoying the weather since it's no longer in the negative digits! Tomorrow will get around 50 degrees, hurray! I have had my share of scary days, emergency room visit and back and forth to doctors. Hope now this blood pressure problem will be solved.  It was fun to make this bunting banner. It makes for a nice gift for baby's room or someone's birthday celebration. You can make it in any color combination you like.
I printed a pattern from a link I found in Pinterest.
 Based on Monica's embroidery. Of course my branches are a bit of a mess here.
 Happy St. Pat's Day!
I love to cover our plain match boxes with something less colorful. I used part of our church bulletin and also part of a music sheet my husband had it laying around. 
You can cover with whatever pretty paper you have available.
 I also like to make my own cards whenever possible. I used some of my own photos too so this way people get a bit of my own art. We used to live right by this lake you see in a couple of these photos.

Got this from someone else who really believes that I could finish this....humm..I don't think I can.
 Husband is the bread maker of the house.
 He made his "natural gargle" with vinegar and salt and placed in this jar. The problem was that he used cider vinegar and not white vinegar so that jar looked awful in the bathroom. I feared someone would see and think he had a urine sample ready for the lab. I made a crochet cover for the lid and a last minute label. It still looks funky but it's much better now believe me!
 Ohh, we both loved this movie. It is a Finnish movie and it has content. I highly recommend it.

Wishing a wonderful month of March for everyone!