Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Finally sunshine ! We had rain yesterday but today it's beautiful and sunny. That rain was great to make the grass green!!  Since I finishes my last crochet project I am thinking about another one. A baby blanket that is simple like the other ones I made.  Mint green is a gentle color that somehow looks like something good to eat. My daughter likes this shade of green.

 Another light green thing, this is Brazilian Lemonade. Recipe will be posted below if you want to try.
I place a couple of ice cubes in the glass first then poured over it. The lemonade was nice chilled for an hour before serving.
Hurray!!  I finally finished the alphabet sampler I got from Alicia Paulson. I will now figure out how to frame it. Need to press iron to the back of it first.
 This lovely couple was enjoying the little bit of water by the park. This is the park near our backyard. The city keeps this little park very clean but there was this plastic bag right by the cute ducks.

 I planted just a tiny bit of muscari in the yard. I am delighted it's blooming!
I like pink flowers also. This is at my neighbors yard, and I was told it's a flowering almond tree.

 This is in front of the tiny post office here in town. I think our post office here is the same size as a kitchen. It's very small but very cute. It's a crab apple tree I believe!?
Clear skies!
The tree in front of the house is now getting it's brand new leaves. I love that shade of green of the new leaves, don't you?
Aunt Jemima Puddle Duck and her husband ?
Looks almost edible!
Busy days ahead! Soon I will be teaching Vacation Bible School. We are watching the new episodes of Call The Midwife. Started watching Father Brown. The series are inspired by the works of GK Chesterton. It's very entertaining.  Here it's the recipe for the Brazilian Lemonade.


                                    1/3 cup condensed milk (sweet)
         1/3 cup sugar
 3 limes 
         4 cups water

Cut limes in fourths, remove seeds. Place the whole thing in the blender -  skin and all.  Blend till smooth for about 4 minutes. Sieve it afterwards to take away the fiber. Serve with ice. 
Carb info: 1/4 of this recipe has 35.2 gr of carbs.  Enjoy!

Hope your days are lovely and full of sunshine.