Saturday, June 2, 2018

June 2018

Hope everyone is enjoying Spring. Today was somewhat cold here temp right now is 63 degrees Fahrenheit which is about 17 Celsius. I apologize if I have not been at your blogs for a visit. My eye doctor recommends that I spend very little time looking at screens. I have terrible dry eyes and now I have a beginning of glaucoma. I must avoid, computers, ipads and phones. This is sad since I do a lot in the computer and use my ipad a lot.
I got another embroidery kit from Alicia.
 I got Lantanas because I love how they look. I have a beautiful peach color that I didn't got in photos.

 I made a few bloomers for the granddaughter and used this pattern- bloomers.
 These easy and fun to make. I forgot to take photos of the previous ones I made and have sent to her.
 I really liked this recipe -  Veggie Crescent Bites
 I am still making soup since I love soup and we are still having some not so hot weather.
 Vacation bible school in a country church nearby.
 I got some of these vincas, such sweet pink color.
 This was the nursery we went to get our flowers.
 Got this for Mother's Day and have planted outdoors but not sure if it survive. Love that gentle pink.
 We have a new lawyer in the family!
 The Lilacs were looking so beautiful a few days ago when travelling.
 I finished the blanket to donate to church.

May you have a wonderful weekend, lots of sunshine, peace and quietness.